Monday, August 29, 2016

We Have Lotsss to Do and Lots of Fun to Have!

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Paco received the Melchizedek Priesthood at stake conference yesterday.  A great day!
Paco and his family along with Elder Jarrett.
Transfer Day
Hey guys!

Wow, it feels like I just wrote!  Ha.  Well, cambios have come and gone and I’m back in Churubusco with my new comp, Elder Herrera.  He’s from Nuevo Leon, Mexico and has 16 months in the mish.  I’ve never met him before and so it’s real weird and a huge surprise to me!  But it’ll be good, I hope.  He seems quiet and I haven’t seen how he works yet, so we will see.  Haha.   He’s pretty nervous to be a Zone Leader.  He told me he’s only had one change as a District Leader and so he’s going up fast!  Pretty much the whole zone was changed-- like 4 areas were white washed and I have all new missionaries!  But it looks good and promising!
Leaving the offices was hard, not because I was in the offices, but because I really enjoyed being with the office guys.  And now Elder Davis and Condie are done with their missions and Elder Jarrett is far, far away in another zone.  I feel kinda alone … I’m not gonna lie … but it’ll be good.  Now that I am back in the area I’m very hopeful to get some more investigators and baptize a bunchers!  This past Sunday was stake conference and our wonderful friend and convert of Elder Stout named Paco got the priesthood!!!  Cool, cool, cool!

What more can I say?  Not much.  Just that I’m happy and getting ready for all that this change is going to bring.  We have lotsss to do and lots of fun to have!  I’m ready to teach 40 lesson again!


Elder McClure

Oh, I forgot to add that today I got up at 3am and went to the CCM and picked up the new missionaries for our mission!  It was so fun to go back to the CCM and see it again and remember my time there, but now I’m just tired and heat stricken.  Haha.  But yeah, it was a lot of fun!  Good memories for sure!

I don’t think I’ll be writing till next Tuesday!  So it’s gonna be awhile!  Tuesday should be my normal track again!

Hope that’s good with everyone. 

Saying goodbye.

Flashback . . . to Elder Stout!

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