Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Three "Operations" This Week!!

Elder McClure & Elder Stout
Banner for the EFY Presentation
We went shopping today for gifts to bring home.
Hey everyone!

What can I say—I’m EXHAUSTED and my brain can’t even think.  I’ve hit a new level of tiredness.  We are to bed late and up early with all that is going on.  I love it!

Part of having the assignment that we have is that sometimes we get calls from our leaders or promptings from the Spirit that tell us we need to go visit, or talk and check on some missionaries in the zone.  This week has been filled with these activities.  And to try to make my days a little more exciting, I call them “operations”!  So, we had 3 “operations” this week!  Each one has a very special and specific name.  They were “Operation CryBaby”, “Operation DinkyDink” and “Operation Gallo”.  Each one was fun in its own sense and my comp and I have been doing great working together to help others out as things come up.  We’ve been traveling so much we really haven’t even had much time to be in our own area to work!  But I think we finished off this week still with 35 lessons ... so not bad!  We also taught a large segment at the multi-stake EFY (conference for youth) this last Wednesday.  It was so fun but sooo stressful!   We taught about the Restoration and as you can see we even have a sweet banner to help teach the youth.  Also, we had 3 zones all together and as a surprise we entered in from behind while all the youth were in the chapel listening to speakers, and we sang “The Army of Helaman”!  So much fun!  And SO much stress!  But, oh how fun!  This week we have a meeting with all the young single adults and a zone training tomorrow--so much to do.

We have some baptisms coming up!!!  3 youngsters!!!  Jose Alfredo, Alexa, and Zoey.  They should all be baptized on the 13th (Happy Birthday Bren) and that’s right before my comp goes home.  What a great way to finish the mish!

My comp wanted to get all his gifts to take home today so I said, heck I want to buy gifts too!  I’ve only got like 4 months left anyway!  So today we bought gifts!!! Lots of gifts!!  I spent a LOT of pesos!  Really it wasn’t that much money but when it’s in pesos … and you’re poor livin’ in Mexico ... it’s a lot.   But it’s worth it!  I’m sending home pics of that too.  Oh, I’m so happy.  The work here is just amazing!  We have no time to even try to attempt it all, but still things are working out.  We see progress.  And best of all, in this past week the Spirit has been with us the whole way!  It’s so fun to watch as we are both inspired and enlightened at the same time and then follow the promptings we get.  We are so blessed!  I love this work.

All is well.  All is well.

Loves to all.  Please don’t forget about me!

Elder McClure

Alexa, who will soon be baptized.
Elder Stout sleeping from exhaustion.

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