Monday, June 27, 2016

Gotta Love Mexico!!

My bud. At first he was scared of me when I tried to shake his hand. But now we are good friends.

The two other elders serving in my ward.
We celebrated 1/2 Christmas this year by eating delicious burritos which really aren't a thing here - only in Northern Mexico and in the States.  I ate 1 and 1/2  and was stufffffffffed.  My comp ate 8.  
This is my white Mexican compl, Elder Carillo.
Well, well, well … another greaattt week in our small ward.
We got a bishop!!!!  WOOOOOO!  He was the 1st counselor before, but now he holds keys (of priesthood authority as an ordained bishop) so we are excited to see some progress and decision making take place!

This week was super bomb with lessons just like last week.  We only taught 40 lessons, but that’s ok because Tuesday I got to take a field trip to the policlinica and get my ear checked out. It had been hurting for some time.  Turns out I had a throat and ear infection.  Now, 400 pills later I feel amazing.  And while I was there I also was able to get my foot checked out.  Turns out it wasn’t like fungus or nothin’ but just an allergy of some sort. Gotta love feet problems. But ... now I’m good as new--so no worries about Elder McClure!

One of the pills I have been taking for the infection reminds me a lot of Dramamine and I was having to take 3 a day.  Well, it works like Dramamine as in it makes me reallllly tired.  I think I fell asleep during a few lessons, but that’s ok.  That’s what comps are for.

We also got the chance to work on exchanges with our zone leaders for a day.  I really love my zone leaders and they are always so fun to be around.  We worked hard and learned a lot from them.  Sadly I don’t think I took a picture of our intercambios.

We had some really great lessons this week and the highlight was finding a family of 7 to teach. Actually, it was last Sunday when the dad pulled over (almost hitting us) and got out to ask us what we were all about.  Long story short we wrote down his directions and he lives right behind us!  We are neighbors!  And his family is very interested in our message so we are really hoping for some awesomeness there.

It’s rained a lot.  It’s hot.   Life’s good.   There’s lots of work.  What more can I ask for? 

Oh, interesting fact for the day ...

My front door neighbors are ostriches--like for reals.  It’s an ostrich farm.
Gotta love Mexico!

Elder McClure

P.S. I’m writing right now and an earthquake alarm just went off.  I didn’t feel anything but it’s pretty exciting. The alarm is super loud and out in the street.  Gotta love Mexico!

These chairs are amazing!
Eatin' good!
Looking out our window.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Stellar Week!!!

This is from my window.  Sorry it’s not too attractive.  But it’s the only pic I have for the week, haha, because in this area I’m not carrying around my camera each day.  It would be stolen if I did.  

Another wonderful week in Meyehualco.  It’s been good--too good.  I like too good. :)
It’s raining right now.  Why the rain?  Good thing I got my clothes off the line in time.

So, this week was pretty chill--but not chillax.  We totally rocked 46 lessons this week and found a BUNCH of new people to teach.  So yeah, I’d say it was one of the best weeks I’ve had in my mission concerning the missionary work.  We also had a sweet training where we learned lots of the importance of them less active members and how we can help them to come home.  Also we had the chance to visit one of my most favorite families in the whole world.  They are the family Canton.  I ate dinner at their house last Christmas Eve.  They lived in my old area, Hidalgo, but just moved and now are here with me in Estacion.  It’s pretty awesome.  Bro. Canton told me that when I get changed again … they are gonna move again and just follow me whereever I go.  Hahaha.

Really it was a stellar week--lots and lots of lessons and lots of investigators and I’m just praying that I don’t get transferred in a month from now cuz I wanna keep working with what we are building up.  The realization that I go home in just a few short months keeps slapping me in the face.  Crazy.  But I kinda like how it slaps me … because it keeps me even more motivated to really make these months count.

All is well.

Loves from Mexico,

Elder McClure 

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Killer Week!!!

My comp cut my hair and turns out he doesn’t know how.  I look so bad.  Hahaha
Thank goodness I can wear a hat.

Fun in the sun!!!
Hey guys,

This week was a killer week--killer as in hard work.  We are back in the game and going strong, pretty much just hoping we will see the fruits of our labors sooner than later as we realize the first week of this cambio is done and gone.

We taught a solid 38 lessons and really focused on the investigators that we have.  By the end of the week we found 4 new people and committed 12 to go to church . . . so I was pretty pumped.  We even had members who were going to pass by and take some of our investigators to church and we felt super prepared and ready to have some nice success.  But in the end we got to church and waited and waited and waited only to find that the church services were at an end and no one came.  It was rough, but we always have this next Sunday to make the big change!

Things are going well with my new comp, Elder Carrillo.  He’s so white that everyone thinks he’s from the states.  Ha.  But then he talks with his beautiful Mexican accent and they believe him.  He’s a hard worker and started off his mission really strong, so he has high, high, high expectations.

Nothing’s too new . . . just working and trying not to burn in the sun.  We’re gonna have fun, fun, fun in the sunnnnn.

Lots of love, 

Elder McClure

Other missionaries serving in the same ward with Riley.
Riley's favorite, Sister Mecham, the mission president's wife.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Work, Work, Work!!!

Our Happy Missionary!
Part of his package from home.
L to R:  Grandson, son, Riley, dad, and grand-dad.  5 Generations. 

We left the window open one evening and when we got back to the house, my bed was covered in hail. The crazy part is that my bed is on the other side of the room from the window.
Hey y’all,

We had cambios today and Elder Iglesias is off and about to be home in just 2 days! Pretty exciting! 
We had a good last week together and ended the cambio happy I believe. My new comp is Elder Carrillo! He’s here from Mexico and is like my old comp Elder Gomez in the fact that he is waiting for his visa and his real misión is Riverside California English speaking! I’ve spent about 2 hours with him now and I think he will be a great comp! This is his 3rd cambio in the misión and so he should be headed out to the states by next change. The fun part is he already knows a bit of English and so we have fun practicing.  I like his accent.

Pres saw me at cambios and only said one thing to me. That he wants me to baptize 12 people. So work, work, work.  Let’s go to work and see what we can do.  12 would be wonderful.

Wonderful news! I’m not district leader! Our ward got put into another district supposedly and so now we are a huge district and Elder Davis, my papi from the mish, is our district leader. I’m happy. 
I didn’t want to go back to being district leader.

Oh, also said goodbye to Elder Galindo. He also goes home on Wednesday. That was hard, but I’m excited for him. I’ll send pics soon. All is well. About to get back to work and see what we can do.

Elder McClure

A difficult good-bye to Elder Galindo.

Zone Conference
Family Home Evening