Monday, May 25, 2015

South of the Border Fever!!

 May 25, 2015

Hello from Mexico!  I firstly want to say that I’m sorry, but I’m not going to write a big email today.  I have a fever and I feel very poorly and I don’t have much energy;  but I figured I still needed to get here to the internet cafe and write you guys so you don’t think I’m dead!   I’m doing great.   My week was great and cambios (transfers) are tomorrow;  but I’m not leaving.  Elder Marsh is, though.  So, I’m kinda bummed but it’s all good.   I got 6 more weeks in this area and then I’ll finish the training and leave this area!  I’m sure it’ll fly by!   Technically, this is my 6 month mark on the mish, but I don’t count the CCM, so really I have 4.5! 

But yeah, I ate a lot of tacos this week (probably why I’m sick) and we caught a caterpillar, but I’m pretty sure it’s dead now.  The other elders in our ward had a baptism Saturday so this Sunday we had 3 people get confirmed.   It was sooo great!   Yeah, life’s real good and time is flying by!  This place is a desert, so it gets chilly at night, but in the sun during the day it’s so hot I wanna die.   Even if it says it’s only like 85 ... it’s hot and we walk a tonnnnnn!   But yeah, all is well and Elder Walker is coming along just fine with his Spanish!   Can’t believe we are half way done with his training!

The temple looks so beautiful and rich!!!  (We sent him pictures of the under-construction Fort Collins Colorado Temple.)  My heck! I can’t wait to go there someday!

Keep me in your prayers so I can get better fast!   I don’t like being sick ... I just wanna work!   Is that too much to ask for?!

Love you guys!  Keep it up and parents ... good luck with Nauvoo!   So jealous I’m not there, but man I’ll be with you guys in spirit!

Elder McClure

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ba, Ba Baptism!!

BAPTSIMS!  What, what, what ... what a wonderful day!

Por Fin!  (At last!)

Another week come and gone!  Time’s flying by so fast!  I’m almost half way done being a dad (senior companion) and I just can’t believe it!   We’ve had a ton of success this week with a ton of powerful lessons and yesterday (Sunday), the baptism of Pedro and Sacnite!  Oh man, we are just doing so swell. I’m loving it so, so much!

This week we “got destroyed with rain” as my comp likes to say it!  It rained every day and it was very refreshing!  I love the rain!  In reality it just smears all the trash and grossness around, but I like to think of it as like, hey this place isn’t as dirty as it used to be!  We have 3 or 4 investigators progressing really well right now and lessons that are wow so good.   Sooooo good that we got tears fallin’ and all!  Also, we started teaching a family of a mom, dad and 3 daughters and they own a taqueria, and so after we teach them they give us free tacos and wowwie, wow, wow I sure do love tacos! 

Pedro and Sacnite were baptized on Sunday and it was so cool to baptize a family!!!  They don’t have kids yet, but man, still a family.  I baptized Sacnite and my comp baptized Pedro!  It was so great to have both of us be able to baptize!  We had a ton of support from the ward and the service was one of the best I’ve ever seen!  And the water was a solid lukewarm, so I can’t even complain!  These past few weeks I’ve learned a lot about keeping the end in mind.  That’s hard to do, not something I like to do really, but with this situation at hand I absolutely love it!  The thought that I can go to the Temple sealing of P├ędro and Sacnite in a year from today makes me just about the happiest person in the whole wide world!  Also this week I’ve been studying in the Book of Alma a lot and just like how it talks in Alma 29 verse 10, I can see so much more of the blessings in my own life and I watch people like Pedro and Sacnite make these covenants con (with) God!   It’s truly spectacular and I really am so, so blessed.  The mission’s the best.

Also this week we bought a house plant to help liven up the place!  I figure the Spirit will be more present if we have more life in that small little casa of ours!

This morning we got up super early and hiked a hill that overlooks the city!  It’s huge – not the hill – the city!  We were able to see the sunrise and it was so beautiful!  For the first time in 4 months I was able to walk on actual dirt, with trees around me and life and not cement ... I am one happy boy!   In order to get to the hill we took a bus for a long time and then we fit 7 people in a tiny taxi.   With this I was on Elder Marsh’s lap in the front seat and there’s a lot of speed bumps here and man that was one of the worst car rides of my life!  But hey, we totally saved on $! 

We don’t have any baptisms planned for this week, but Hermana Fernanda should be coming up in about 3 Saturdays from now!  Super stoked for the work!  I love seeing the change that comes from this glorious gospel!

Elder McClure

Service to other missionaries!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Miracles Happen!

Skyping with Riley!

Don’t have a ton of time to write, but I would like to share a little somethin’ that happened this past week.

Before I share though ... let me SHOUT OUT to my great fantastic Beautiful and very patient mother with the knowledge that yesterday was the greatest day of them all! EL DIA DE LA MADRE

Skyping my family was just about the greatest present I could have had this past week, but as I think, there’s also something else that I learned that was just about as amazing.  I’m talking miracles.  Miracles are hard to grasp.  They seem rare and I’m sure that if you looked closer ... or maybe stood farther back and had a better perspective of life, maybe they wouldn’t be so hard to see ... but either way, this week I have witnessed a miracle.

About 2 weeks ago we were teaching a lesson to 2 of our investigators, Pedro and Sacnite, (who will soon be 2 of our converts) about the priesthood and the power behind this authority that we have on the earth.  During the lesson we brought up administering to people, giving priesthood blessings, if they ask;  and at this comment Sacnite asked if her mother could have a priesthood blessing and that her mother had been asking if that’s something we could give her as missionaries.  We agreed of course and her mother came upstairs and explained to us a little of why she needed this blessing.  Her sister’s child had been abducted and the ransom fee was 1,000,000 American dollars.  She was a mess and very emotional and obviously worried about her sister and family, so we readily gave her a priesthood blessing of comfort to help her in this very, very difficult time.

In the blessing I had a very strong prompting to tell Sacnite’s mother that everything would be OK.  I didn’t know what that meant, and I didn’t really want to say it because I didn’t want to say something that strong!  Heck, I don’t even know Spanish, but I said it.  I said it 3 times in a row. Afterward, she thanked us deeply and told us she felt much peace during the blessing.

So back to this week, this week we had another lesson with Pedro and Sacnite and they told us the news that the abducted girl was rescued and was safe and sound, without any harm.  What a miracle!  How incredible!  This is Mexico ... the police don’t even help with situations like this.  The probability of her being brought home was slim.  But somehow, without having to pay 1 million dollars this young girl was saved and is home, safe now.  What a testimony builder that is for me ... and also their whole family as they witnessed this blessing that we gave and then this miracle happening just a few days after.   I have a testimony of the Priesthood!   Through our worthiness, obedience and faith we can witness miracles.  I’m so grateful for this gift that God has given us in this life, this ability to call upon the powers of heaven to bless others.   I know God lives.  He loves us. He’s watching over us and He wants to help us.  Miracles happen. 

With much love,
Elder McClure

We were loving it!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Super Wowzers Excited!

Elder Marsh, Elder McClure, Fernanda, Sylvia, Rebecca, Elder Jarrett & Elder Walker
May 4, 2015

I really wanna say something really cool or funny or just plain awesome to start off my letter home, but nothing’s coming to mind ... all I can think is that I’m Skyping home in 5 days!!!! Wooooo and hearing about my Big Boy Matt’s Mission call has got me super wowzers excited! Oh man.  [Matt Hanks was called to serve a mission in Singapore, leaving in July.]

Well, we had us a baptism this past weekend!  Hermana Silvia was baptized in just about the coldest water I’ve ever felt!  We got in and, oh man . . . it was cold!  And as I pulled her up out of the water she was like "AHHH, FRIO, FRIO, FRIO" really loud and it was hilarious!  Afterword she was talking about it and, oh man, she makes me laugh. She reminds me a little of you, Mom ... she’s just so funny and she has many mannerisms like you. It’s great.   I love visiting her!  Then on Sunday, she showed up way, way, way late to Sacrament Meeting and I was so worried she wasn’t going to show!   I’d have to baptize her again, later on in that cold, cold water!

Fernanda (Silvia’s daughter and Rebecca’s sister) is up next for us to baptize!  She’s up in 2 or 3 weeks and we are so excited to have baptized almost a whole family!  They’ve all changed so much in good ways and we love teaching them.  They help us with the language and we help them with the gospel! 

Also, Pedro and Sacnite just found new work and we are SOOOO EXCITED!!!   They can finally go to church now and progress a little more and be baptized in just a bit! 

We have MANY new investigators and we are teaching a whole family!!!! (the best)   They own a taco shop!   WOOO, FREE  TACOS!  hahah   They gave us free tacos last Saturday night .... like ... Fast Sunday night ... that was the hardest thing to accept as we were fasting.   But all is well, we gave it to Pedro and Sacnite as a gift and they really liked it, I think!

All is well.   We are plugging along and learning a lot!   Healthy ... happy ... and teaching like crazy!
Elder McClure, Over and Out