Monday, August 29, 2016

We Have Lotsss to Do and Lots of Fun to Have!

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Paco received the Melchizedek Priesthood at stake conference yesterday.  A great day!
Paco and his family along with Elder Jarrett.
Transfer Day
Hey guys!

Wow, it feels like I just wrote!  Ha.  Well, cambios have come and gone and I’m back in Churubusco with my new comp, Elder Herrera.  He’s from Nuevo Leon, Mexico and has 16 months in the mish.  I’ve never met him before and so it’s real weird and a huge surprise to me!  But it’ll be good, I hope.  He seems quiet and I haven’t seen how he works yet, so we will see.  Haha.   He’s pretty nervous to be a Zone Leader.  He told me he’s only had one change as a District Leader and so he’s going up fast!  Pretty much the whole zone was changed-- like 4 areas were white washed and I have all new missionaries!  But it looks good and promising!
Leaving the offices was hard, not because I was in the offices, but because I really enjoyed being with the office guys.  And now Elder Davis and Condie are done with their missions and Elder Jarrett is far, far away in another zone.  I feel kinda alone … I’m not gonna lie … but it’ll be good.  Now that I am back in the area I’m very hopeful to get some more investigators and baptize a bunchers!  This past Sunday was stake conference and our wonderful friend and convert of Elder Stout named Paco got the priesthood!!!  Cool, cool, cool!

What more can I say?  Not much.  Just that I’m happy and getting ready for all that this change is going to bring.  We have lotsss to do and lots of fun to have!  I’m ready to teach 40 lesson again!


Elder McClure

Oh, I forgot to add that today I got up at 3am and went to the CCM and picked up the new missionaries for our mission!  It was so fun to go back to the CCM and see it again and remember my time there, but now I’m just tired and heat stricken.  Haha.  But yeah, it was a lot of fun!  Good memories for sure!

I don’t think I’ll be writing till next Tuesday!  So it’s gonna be awhile!  Tuesday should be my normal track again!

Hope that’s good with everyone. 

Saying goodbye.

Flashback . . . to Elder Stout!

Friday, August 26, 2016

the office

The District
Well, well, well…

Another week in the offices and it’s been about the longest week of my life!  Now I have pure sympathy for the office elders and all the horrible office hours they have to suffer through!  My schedule for the past week has been something like this:

6:30 wake up
8:00 study (if possible)
8:30 go to the offices
9:00 arrive and sit down
4:30pm stand up and leave the offices and go to my area
5:00 eat food
5:30 work
8:00 get on bus and go back to the yellow house.
9:00 arrive and crash with exhaustion even though I don’t know why because I didn’t walk more than a mile which is nothing!

So you can see that it’s pretty boring.  But I am able to help in random ways in the offices and make other people’s burden lighter!  For example, yesterday I was able to clean the baptismal font and room and fill it with hot water for the missionaries so they didn’t have to do it.  That was fun!  I also see President more and that’s always lots of fun!  But yeah, I’m pretty tired of the offices.  Thank goodness I’m out on Monday!

But even with such a boring schedule, I’ve had some real good fun.  Rubber band wars never get old and it’s impossible to run out of Mormon Messages to watch.   We’ve also had some WONDERFUL lessons with investigators!  We should be having a wedding real soon!  A wedding and a baptism might I say!  Gabriel is one of the most spiritual investigators I’ve ever had!  He’s probably about 45 and is a lawyer and crazy cross country runner.  His wife and daughter are converts of Elder Stout and now it’s his turn.  At first he was very against us and what we believe, but after seeing his wife and daughter living the gospel he’s just been in complete amazement!  Every lesson he bears his testimony about all the blessings he’s seen in his life just by reading and going to church and trying to do what we teach him!  He’s already paying his tithing and is one of the most amazing people I’ve really ever taught!  I love when people open their eyes and can really see the blessings in their lives as they live what we teach.   So many people are blind or not humble enough to even attempt looking. It’s so hard for us missionaries but then when you have someone like Gabriel, us elders just want to sing alabanzas and yell "BEHOLD THE POWER OF GOD!!!"  Oh how I wish all could just be willing to try what we teach--try it and see.  That’s all we ask.  Try and see and the rest is history.  Their lives will be forever changed and they will never ever, ever even want to look back.  The gospel life is so wonderful, so full, so satisfying.  Why would anyone settle for anything less? 

Life is good but I am really anxious to get my new comp on Monday and get back to my area to work.  We gots stuff to do!  Monday is changes and Wednesday half the Zone Leaders and both assistants go home.  There are gonna be some huge changes here … pretty exciting!

My invitation is simple and it’s to all.  Come and try what we teach and believe.  I promise you that as you try it, you will see that your life will be forever changed.  God WILL show you that this is the way.  I love this gospel life.  I’m so happy.  I’m at peace.  I am full of hope.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Come, try and see.  I promise it works.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Temporario de Secretario in Mexico

Elder McClure has been moved temporarily into the mission office with three missionaries who are mission secretaries while he waits for a new companion on Aug 30th.  His preparation day is now on Fridays for a few weeks  Since he just wrote on Tuesday, he just only pictures on Friday. Riley is still serving as zone leader.

Looks like Riley has been made an honorary secretary. 

Riley was trying to resist seeing photos of the interior of the new Fort Collins Temple until he comes home and sees the Temple in person.  He wrote:  "My goal was not to look at the pics of the temple ... but being in the offices ... all morning long ... with the temptation to look ... well you alreay know. I lasted about 12 minutes."   

If you want to see why Riley was so eager, here is a little YouTube video of the new Fort Collins Colorado Temple:  

To see a great video on the purpose and meaning of Mormon Temples, go to:

Baking cookies on Preparation Day with Elder Jarrett.
Riley's temporary home is in this yellow house with the other office elders.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

There's One Happy Elder McClure in Mexico!!

Zone Meeting


This week was .... THE BEST!

What a full, full week we had!  So much fun as well!

Well, for starters we had a super awesome Zone Conference on Wednesday.  I was pretty nervous with it being my first one but hey, it was awesome!  We talked about setting baptismal dates with investigators and we related it with a super cool water balloon activity.  Yes ... I got soaked.  And yes I was in my suit … but it was so fun, and so worth it!  The whole Zone Conference went incredibly well and President’s teachings at the end were incredible.  He talked about the importance of following our leaders and that if we don’t … we are living in apostasy.  It was pretty strong, but wow, how we learned.

Then on Friday we went to the temple!   AHHHHHH, I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!   It was oh so good.  The only bad part was that my comp and I were both somewhat sick and on top of that I got a random migraine in the middle of the session.  But it was still worth it!  Also, in our session were about 30 white kids that had come from the CCM (the Mexico City Missionary Training Center) and I had a lot of fun talking with them and encouraging them to be awesome on their missions!
From the temple on Friday we had an absolutely incredible time at our baptismal service on Saturday!  I baptized Zoe and my comp baptized Alexa!  We had over 50 people at the service and that included President and Sister Mecham which was so fun because that was the first time they’ve attended one of my services before!  Sunday I got to confirm for my first time!  I wasn’t expecting to do it, but at the last second the bishop called us up to help and then Zoe asked me to also confirm her!  That was my first one!  I’ve always gotten away without doing it!  I’ve always been too nervous to do it for the language barrier, but this time I had no way out. It was absolutely wonderful and I bawled through the entire thing!

We have lots of sick missionaries in our zone right now and we are just fighting trying to stay healthy ourselves.  We’ve made 2 trips to the hospital already trying to help out with a really sick elder who has an infection in his brain.

My comp goes home tomorrow!!!  I was excited thinking I was going to get a new comp tomorrow in the morning … but turns out they are putting me with the secretaries until the real changes at the end of the month.  So for now I’ll be in a quadruple.  I didn’t even know that was possible!  I’ll be acting as the only zone leader in Churubusco and my 3 comps will be Elder Jarrett, Elder Chavez and Elder Tanner!  I’m excited!  I’ll be living in the yellow house which is like the mission home where the secretaries and assistants live and I’ll be with Elder Stout his last night before he’s off to the airport.  I might even get to take him to the airport.  Who knows!  My P-day for a bit will be on Friday!  So that’s fun!  Lots of changes.

I’m gonna miss my comp Elder Stout.  He has been an incredible companion and friend and example for me.  I feel like I’ve learned a thousand things this month while being with him and I’m really, really, really sad to see him go.  But it’s his time … and I’m happy for him.  He’s one of the "Greats" of this mission.  But we must go on.  I must be strong.

All is well.  There’s one happy Elder McClure in Mexico.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We Just Go, Go, Go and Never Stop!!!!!

Wearing Our Drug Rugz
Photo of girl on table is Elder Stout's "future wife", Brenna.  Read the letter for more . . .
Another week-- wow.

I feel like there’s not much I can say.  It’s all been a huge, huge blur.  We just go, go, go and never stop. But it feels good--real good.

For right now we have planned 2 baptisms this Saturday--the 2 girls.  We are gonna wait with Jose because he needs a little more time to prepare.  But I’m excited to have more baptisms and enjoy another baptismal service.  Tomorrow we have a zone conference and the only thing we have officially planned on is an activity with the water balloons that Mom sent me in the package!  We are gonna get wet!  That’s what’s stressing me most right now--the Zone Conference, the YSA activity and then my comp heading out in a week.  Pres already told me that I’ll be getting my new comp right away and that I won’t just be in a trio until the real changes in like 2 weeks from now.  So I’m excited.  No clue who it’ll be but we will hope for a stud, a stud like Elder Stout has been.

This week we taught another 35 lessons and had a few more “operations”.  The big worry that we have right now is investigators that go to church.  Last week we only had 2 ... and really we should have like at least 12.  So we are trying to figure out how to help them.  One of the highlights of being a zone leader is that we have much more interaction with President Mecham.  We have interviews and councils and it’s soo fun to learn from him!  It’s not like we have much time to study now-a-days but even when we do, I feel like I don’t learn that much.  But with President Mecham, every time it’s just a huge spiritual lesson.

Today we actually went back to gift shopping and my comp got the last little bit of stuff that he needed and wanted.  Life is good.  Oh, and I have another shout out to do ... BRENNA!  Wazzzz up!  My comp talks about you alllllll the time.  Ha, actually I just like buggin’ him about you.  Hahaha  But it’s just so fun!  Anywho, Brenna … keep it real.  Can’t wait to meet you when I make a trip up to Seattle!  My comp and I took extra special pics this week just for you so make sure to look closely!

Well... that’s ‘bout it for the day.  All be well.  I love you all.  See you in a week.

Byes,     Elder McClure

A piece of a 1000 year old clay pot that was just dug up.  Guess who Indiana Jones is now?!!

This is our friend Robby.  He surfs cars. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Three "Operations" This Week!!

Elder McClure & Elder Stout
Banner for the EFY Presentation
We went shopping today for gifts to bring home.
Hey everyone!

What can I say—I’m EXHAUSTED and my brain can’t even think.  I’ve hit a new level of tiredness.  We are to bed late and up early with all that is going on.  I love it!

Part of having the assignment that we have is that sometimes we get calls from our leaders or promptings from the Spirit that tell us we need to go visit, or talk and check on some missionaries in the zone.  This week has been filled with these activities.  And to try to make my days a little more exciting, I call them “operations”!  So, we had 3 “operations” this week!  Each one has a very special and specific name.  They were “Operation CryBaby”, “Operation DinkyDink” and “Operation Gallo”.  Each one was fun in its own sense and my comp and I have been doing great working together to help others out as things come up.  We’ve been traveling so much we really haven’t even had much time to be in our own area to work!  But I think we finished off this week still with 35 lessons ... so not bad!  We also taught a large segment at the multi-stake EFY (conference for youth) this last Wednesday.  It was so fun but sooo stressful!   We taught about the Restoration and as you can see we even have a sweet banner to help teach the youth.  Also, we had 3 zones all together and as a surprise we entered in from behind while all the youth were in the chapel listening to speakers, and we sang “The Army of Helaman”!  So much fun!  And SO much stress!  But, oh how fun!  This week we have a meeting with all the young single adults and a zone training tomorrow--so much to do.

We have some baptisms coming up!!!  3 youngsters!!!  Jose Alfredo, Alexa, and Zoey.  They should all be baptized on the 13th (Happy Birthday Bren) and that’s right before my comp goes home.  What a great way to finish the mish!

My comp wanted to get all his gifts to take home today so I said, heck I want to buy gifts too!  I’ve only got like 4 months left anyway!  So today we bought gifts!!! Lots of gifts!!  I spent a LOT of pesos!  Really it wasn’t that much money but when it’s in pesos … and you’re poor livin’ in Mexico ... it’s a lot.   But it’s worth it!  I’m sending home pics of that too.  Oh, I’m so happy.  The work here is just amazing!  We have no time to even try to attempt it all, but still things are working out.  We see progress.  And best of all, in this past week the Spirit has been with us the whole way!  It’s so fun to watch as we are both inspired and enlightened at the same time and then follow the promptings we get.  We are so blessed!  I love this work.

All is well.  All is well.

Loves to all.  Please don’t forget about me!

Elder McClure

Alexa, who will soon be baptized.
Elder Stout sleeping from exhaustion.