Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We Just Go, Go, Go and Never Stop!!!!!

Wearing Our Drug Rugz
Photo of girl on table is Elder Stout's "future wife", Brenna.  Read the letter for more . . .
Another week-- wow.

I feel like there’s not much I can say.  It’s all been a huge, huge blur.  We just go, go, go and never stop. But it feels good--real good.

For right now we have planned 2 baptisms this Saturday--the 2 girls.  We are gonna wait with Jose because he needs a little more time to prepare.  But I’m excited to have more baptisms and enjoy another baptismal service.  Tomorrow we have a zone conference and the only thing we have officially planned on is an activity with the water balloons that Mom sent me in the package!  We are gonna get wet!  That’s what’s stressing me most right now--the Zone Conference, the YSA activity and then my comp heading out in a week.  Pres already told me that I’ll be getting my new comp right away and that I won’t just be in a trio until the real changes in like 2 weeks from now.  So I’m excited.  No clue who it’ll be but we will hope for a stud, a stud like Elder Stout has been.

This week we taught another 35 lessons and had a few more “operations”.  The big worry that we have right now is investigators that go to church.  Last week we only had 2 ... and really we should have like at least 12.  So we are trying to figure out how to help them.  One of the highlights of being a zone leader is that we have much more interaction with President Mecham.  We have interviews and councils and it’s soo fun to learn from him!  It’s not like we have much time to study now-a-days but even when we do, I feel like I don’t learn that much.  But with President Mecham, every time it’s just a huge spiritual lesson.

Today we actually went back to gift shopping and my comp got the last little bit of stuff that he needed and wanted.  Life is good.  Oh, and I have another shout out to do ... BRENNA!  Wazzzz up!  My comp talks about you alllllll the time.  Ha, actually I just like buggin’ him about you.  Hahaha  But it’s just so fun!  Anywho, Brenna … keep it real.  Can’t wait to meet you when I make a trip up to Seattle!  My comp and I took extra special pics this week just for you so make sure to look closely!

Well... that’s ‘bout it for the day.  All be well.  I love you all.  See you in a week.

Byes,     Elder McClure

A piece of a 1000 year old clay pot that was just dug up.  Guess who Indiana Jones is now?!!

This is our friend Robby.  He surfs cars. 

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