Tuesday, August 16, 2016

There's One Happy Elder McClure in Mexico!!

Zone Meeting


This week was .... THE BEST!

What a full, full week we had!  So much fun as well!

Well, for starters we had a super awesome Zone Conference on Wednesday.  I was pretty nervous with it being my first one but hey, it was awesome!  We talked about setting baptismal dates with investigators and we related it with a super cool water balloon activity.  Yes ... I got soaked.  And yes I was in my suit … but it was so fun, and so worth it!  The whole Zone Conference went incredibly well and President’s teachings at the end were incredible.  He talked about the importance of following our leaders and that if we don’t … we are living in apostasy.  It was pretty strong, but wow, how we learned.

Then on Friday we went to the temple!   AHHHHHH, I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!   It was oh so good.  The only bad part was that my comp and I were both somewhat sick and on top of that I got a random migraine in the middle of the session.  But it was still worth it!  Also, in our session were about 30 white kids that had come from the CCM (the Mexico City Missionary Training Center) and I had a lot of fun talking with them and encouraging them to be awesome on their missions!
From the temple on Friday we had an absolutely incredible time at our baptismal service on Saturday!  I baptized Zoe and my comp baptized Alexa!  We had over 50 people at the service and that included President and Sister Mecham which was so fun because that was the first time they’ve attended one of my services before!  Sunday I got to confirm for my first time!  I wasn’t expecting to do it, but at the last second the bishop called us up to help and then Zoe asked me to also confirm her!  That was my first one!  I’ve always gotten away without doing it!  I’ve always been too nervous to do it for the language barrier, but this time I had no way out. It was absolutely wonderful and I bawled through the entire thing!

We have lots of sick missionaries in our zone right now and we are just fighting trying to stay healthy ourselves.  We’ve made 2 trips to the hospital already trying to help out with a really sick elder who has an infection in his brain.

My comp goes home tomorrow!!!  I was excited thinking I was going to get a new comp tomorrow in the morning … but turns out they are putting me with the secretaries until the real changes at the end of the month.  So for now I’ll be in a quadruple.  I didn’t even know that was possible!  I’ll be acting as the only zone leader in Churubusco and my 3 comps will be Elder Jarrett, Elder Chavez and Elder Tanner!  I’m excited!  I’ll be living in the yellow house which is like the mission home where the secretaries and assistants live and I’ll be with Elder Stout his last night before he’s off to the airport.  I might even get to take him to the airport.  Who knows!  My P-day for a bit will be on Friday!  So that’s fun!  Lots of changes.

I’m gonna miss my comp Elder Stout.  He has been an incredible companion and friend and example for me.  I feel like I’ve learned a thousand things this month while being with him and I’m really, really, really sad to see him go.  But it’s his time … and I’m happy for him.  He’s one of the "Greats" of this mission.  But we must go on.  I must be strong.

All is well.  There’s one happy Elder McClure in Mexico.

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