Friday, August 26, 2016

the office

The District
Well, well, well…

Another week in the offices and it’s been about the longest week of my life!  Now I have pure sympathy for the office elders and all the horrible office hours they have to suffer through!  My schedule for the past week has been something like this:

6:30 wake up
8:00 study (if possible)
8:30 go to the offices
9:00 arrive and sit down
4:30pm stand up and leave the offices and go to my area
5:00 eat food
5:30 work
8:00 get on bus and go back to the yellow house.
9:00 arrive and crash with exhaustion even though I don’t know why because I didn’t walk more than a mile which is nothing!

So you can see that it’s pretty boring.  But I am able to help in random ways in the offices and make other people’s burden lighter!  For example, yesterday I was able to clean the baptismal font and room and fill it with hot water for the missionaries so they didn’t have to do it.  That was fun!  I also see President more and that’s always lots of fun!  But yeah, I’m pretty tired of the offices.  Thank goodness I’m out on Monday!

But even with such a boring schedule, I’ve had some real good fun.  Rubber band wars never get old and it’s impossible to run out of Mormon Messages to watch.   We’ve also had some WONDERFUL lessons with investigators!  We should be having a wedding real soon!  A wedding and a baptism might I say!  Gabriel is one of the most spiritual investigators I’ve ever had!  He’s probably about 45 and is a lawyer and crazy cross country runner.  His wife and daughter are converts of Elder Stout and now it’s his turn.  At first he was very against us and what we believe, but after seeing his wife and daughter living the gospel he’s just been in complete amazement!  Every lesson he bears his testimony about all the blessings he’s seen in his life just by reading and going to church and trying to do what we teach him!  He’s already paying his tithing and is one of the most amazing people I’ve really ever taught!  I love when people open their eyes and can really see the blessings in their lives as they live what we teach.   So many people are blind or not humble enough to even attempt looking. It’s so hard for us missionaries but then when you have someone like Gabriel, us elders just want to sing alabanzas and yell "BEHOLD THE POWER OF GOD!!!"  Oh how I wish all could just be willing to try what we teach--try it and see.  That’s all we ask.  Try and see and the rest is history.  Their lives will be forever changed and they will never ever, ever even want to look back.  The gospel life is so wonderful, so full, so satisfying.  Why would anyone settle for anything less? 

Life is good but I am really anxious to get my new comp on Monday and get back to my area to work.  We gots stuff to do!  Monday is changes and Wednesday half the Zone Leaders and both assistants go home.  There are gonna be some huge changes here … pretty exciting!

My invitation is simple and it’s to all.  Come and try what we teach and believe.  I promise you that as you try it, you will see that your life will be forever changed.  God WILL show you that this is the way.  I love this gospel life.  I’m so happy.  I’m at peace.  I am full of hope.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Come, try and see.  I promise it works.

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