Monday, February 29, 2016

Wow, It’s Been a Much Better Week!

Elder McClure and Sister Mecham . . . muffins after the meeting.
Javier providing the haircut.

We worked real hard all week long and got some sweet lessons in and my body feels fine, even my bum-bum, and man I love working.

The heat is finally kicking in and every day at about 2pm it’s the worst.  I’m so sweaty and I walk like Mom when she does her speed walking and man I cruise!

We taught a bunch of lessons with a member present and had some great results!  4 investigadors went to church and the members helped out and took them to the classes and it was just like heaven.  I love Sundays when everyone helps and people actually show up.  We actually had such a good attendance at church that they filled the overflow and were having to open the gym too.  I love it!
I got my hair cut again and I sure look good!  Javier really knows how to cut hair, but that is probably because he’s cut hair for almost 60 years!  PRO!  The members have really treated us well lately and man we are so grateful!

Yesterday night our whole zone got together to hang out with all the single young adults of the stake and talk about missionary work and how they can help.  We did a presentation on the spirit world and it was actually really fun.   Of course, afterward we ate Costco muffins, so really my Sunday was perfect!   And oh, I almost forgot, but at the activity Prez Mecham sang and we were all crying.  I love him.  He’s the best.

So much happened this week and, oh wait, yes I know what else--so we were in sacrament meeting and my comp told me to turn and look at a man sitting on the back row.  It was his DAD!  So yeah, my comp’s dad was totally there and then afterward gave him a bunch a money and winter coats for when he goes to Utah.  It was really weird. I wasn’t expecting it.  Mom and Dad, please don’t do that.
Anywho, lots of stuff going on and people are progressing and we are hopeful for a baptism in the next little bit!  AHHHH, I sure hope!

All be well.  I’m healthy at this moment.  Let’s hope it lasts!

Elder McClure

Samantha and Javier take good care of Elders McClure and Gomez!!

Fruit roll-up tongue tattoo.

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