Monday, February 15, 2016

Wazz Up World?!

Elder McClure with his zone leader,  Elder Valdez.
A sister in his district drew this pic of Riley's pet rabbit at home - Baby-Girl Muffins!
Giant Baby-Girl Bunny . . .
Howdy friends! 

Life was much better this week--thankfully.

I’ve still had a cold and allergies, but I can work without any problem and I’ve been going good.
We had a Zone Conference this week that lasted 6 hours!  SIX hours!  It was long, but it was good.
Now we are allowed to play sports like basketball, as long as we don’t keep score so I’m pretty JACKED right now.  After writing we are going to have a BBQ with the other elders and then go shoot hoops!  It’s our celebration for Valentine’s Day yesterday.  About V-day… I hate V-day.   In the mission, in Mexico, Valentine’s Day is the absolute worst.  On every corner there are couples just making out like crazy locos and no one is home and so we just walk around all day watching people make out and oh man—gross, gross, gross.  I’m very glad that’s over.  The one fun part about yesterday was that I was remembering what happened a year ago on the last V-day when I was with my trainer Elder Davis and we had pretty much the same experiences (haha, Mexico never changes). 
This week we found new people to teach and dropped some people that weren’t progressing and taught some pretty awesome lessons.  Last night we were teaching a family about charity and stuff like that and the little 13-year-old daughter was super mad for some reason and didn’t want to participate or anything.  But by the end of the lesson the parents were sharing their testimonies on how much they love their children and everyone was crying and it was just great.  I love when everyone cries in a lesson.  We have 2 ladies who are progressing really quickly.  They are both like hooked on the Book of Mormon and just want to keep learning more and more and they ask really, really good questions.  The only thing is they haven’t attended church.  We are praying really hard that they do because if they don’t attend, we will have to drop them.

The sisters in my district have also been sick and had problems with sprained ankles and eye problems and it’s been really rough.  But right now it’s looking like things are shaping up and we are all getting back to being focused, happy missionaries. 

The best part about this week was getting to hold a giant baby girl bunny that weighed a TON!   AND receiving a gift from one of the missionaries in my district.  She drew me a picture of my Baby Girl Muffins chillin’ in my hammock, and oh man it’s so awesome.   I’m gonna frame it.  Anywho, I love bunnies. 

Things are going good.  I’m really enjoying the work right now and the people we have to teach.  People are receptive and hungry to learn more--just how it should be!

All be well,

Elder McClure

Skull Kissing
Elders Quorum President Miguel.  He's my friend!
Zone Conference

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