Monday, February 22, 2016

I Hate Shots!!!

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Mission Meeting Outside

Hey Folks,

This week is gonna be a real shot post.  Oops did I just say shot?  I meant short.  But there’s a reason my fingers typed out shot.  I don’t like shots--never have and never will.  I know it’s not good to hate, but yes, I hate shots.  Let me explain:

Last Monday I wrote and I was super happy because I thought I was all better and I was happy and motivated and super enthusiastic and just like 3 weeks ago…I went to bed feeling horrible and had a high fever all Monday night.  It was beautiful.  So after much disagreement between me and ward members I finally gave in and let them take me to the doctor.  The doc was nice but gave me like 7 medications and 1 of those being a series of 5 shots in the bum-bum--one per day.  I hate the doctor. Long story short I wasn’t allowed to bathe for 3 days.  I got shots.  I took so many medications my liver doesn’t exist anymore, but I believe I’m now all better!  Really we only worked like one day last week,  haha.  It was terrible!  I was sooo bored, but the rest was really exactly what I needed!

The awesome part of my week though is that we totally had 3 investigators at church on Sunday! 

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-- so yeah by Sunday night I was smiling from ear to ear and said to myself, “Now that was a successful week!"

Really, all is well now.  I pray that after writing this I don’t get sick.  That would stink.  My rear and I are doing just fine and I’m ready to keep preachin’ the word!


Healthy Elder McClure


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