Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey Y'all

What’s up my friends?

This week has been full of grunt work trying to build up the area.  I love me some grunt work. 
For some reason we never give only one blessing.  If someone asks us for a blessing we can always count on 3 or 4 more that day.  It’s super weird.  It’s kinda like deaths … how they always come in 3s.  But, yeah this week I gave a lot of blessings. 

Some sad, sad, sad news--my comp is oooout of here!  Tomorrow he’s getting transferred to who knows where and I’m getting a new comp.  I’m so sad.  We’ve had so much fun.  We get along so well.  He’s like my Ecuadorian brother.  I’m gonna miss the chap.  I’m just praying I get another awesome comp who helps me in the work and jokes around with me.  This is probably the biggest news of the week and it’s sad, so I do apologize.

You know the lady I mentioned who I contacted and it was like a miracle and super cool and yeah, yeah, yeah?  Well she is totally AWESOME and one of the best investigators I’ve ever had!  She still hasn’t been to church because of some problems in the home, but man she actually does her homework and thinks about things and wow, I want more people like her.  She’s also really smart and is a math tutor and does a bunch of other stuff.  And she lives RIGHT next to the chapel, which is right next to my house, so yeah she’s a neighbor.  Anywho, I’m pretty excited about it.  Even though today is P-day, we still went and taught her and wow--super awesome experiences all around.

With my comp leaving we’ve had a lot of fun taking pictures with people and hanging out with the young single adults of the ward.  They are super chill and our very good friends!

I really can’t think of anything else interesting this week.  We met a lady who lived in Nauvoo for 2 years as a Catholic nun ... that’s cool.  Hmmm, yeah no that’s all I got. 

Keep it rocking,
Elder McClure

Riley's 19-year-old friend, and ward mission leader, Donavan (far right), who knows English.

With Elder Cumbe and some friends.

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