Monday, January 25, 2016

I Love Me My Onions!!

I love me my onions!
The #1 boxer in Mexico.
 Hello from Mexico!

Week 53 in the field!  WOW!

This week was pretty dope.  We had a super sweet missionary broadcast to all the missionaries in the world and many Apostles spoke.  The theme was to teach repentance and baptize people who are truly converted.  I really liked it, but had a bad headache and only captured about 60% I’d say … hahah--but it was great!  We also had interviews with Prez and I sure do love my every 3 monther with him!  He teaches with stories and experiences and really helped me get pumped for this next week of work.  Also, I got to interview 3 little girls before their baptism and they were so funny.  One closed her testimony "in the name of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen" but she wasn’t praying, she was sharing her testimony with me haha.  I thought it was so cute.  I just about died laughing and she was so nervous, she was shaking like crazy.  But wow, I’m really impressed how strong the testimonies are of these 9 and 10-year old girls.  They are solid and going to do some amazing things in their lives. 

Two people actually showed up to church today, so we are really, really excited and one has been an investigator for like a year and now is finally getting ready to make the move and get into the font!  We are pretty happy!  He should be baptized in February, if all goes well.  Also, I celebrated my 1-year mark in the field!  Yes, I know I celebrate way too many different marks, but it makes things fun! 

A recent convert sent me face lotion stuff that has gold flakes in it!  I was pretty excited to use it, even though I didn’t really need it!  So I’ll send pics of that beautiful moment. 

A lady in the ward told me that if you sleep with onions, it takes your cold away.   Her husband (the man who cut my hair) has had cancer for 5 years now and he’s never gotten a cold in these 5 years and it’s all because he sleeps with onions.  So heck, I had a cold and got me some onions and man it really works!  I love me my onions!  My comp and I rescued a baby kitten.  We wanted to take her home, but that’s against the rules so we let her go free.  But she was really cute. 

And last, but not least, I met someone famous this week!   I totally don’t know his name, but he’s famous and that’s all that matters!  He’s the #1 boxer in Mexico, so yeah we totally hung out for like half an hour and got pics.  He’s way chill. 

Anywho, it’s the last week in this cambio (transfer) and I’m pretty sure my comp leaves in a week which makes me sad.  We are going to try to make it count with hard work and changes in our area! 

All is well!

Elder McClure

Face lotion with gold flakes!
Here, kitty, kitty!!

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