Monday, November 30, 2015

Hot Dog & Cactus Soup for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Moto Taxi (motorcycle taxi) - super sketchy, but so fun and cheap.
Zone Conference on Thanksgiving Day.
SO, I’m hopin’ that Turkey Day was baller (the best) for y’all.  Here ... well ... let’s just say I had to remind my whole zone that it was Thanksgiving. We were at zone conference and like no one remembered and I was like “whatttt, come on.”   I love Thanksgiving, but yes, this year I celebrated with hot dog and cactus mixed with other funky stuff in a soup. Go Us!

This week was baller -- it really was.  Monday we visited Xochimilco, which was super fun, but I already talked about that.  Tuesday we did service and prepped the church for our Christmas activity of decorating the outside with lights.  It was a blast!  Then Wednesday I was sick with a cold, fever thing.   Thursday was zone conference and I listened to all my leaders talk about changes in the mission and how to better our missionary efforts.  Friday was all day with the zone leaders in their area doing intercambios (exchanges) and I had a blast doing that.  Saturday we had an area attack in another area so we helped with that.  It’s like we send the whole zone to one area to visit all the inactives and help them return to the church.  Saturday night we had our small Christmas program and my district sang at that and then lit up the front of the church with Christmas lights--super fun!  And Sunday, church and another area attack in another area.  So, fun it has been!

We also found 8 new investigadores this week and have 3 with a baptismal date, so we will see how it goes. Things are slowly pickin’ up.  I love visiting with old friends.  This is the perfect time of year.  There’s a lot of love and a lot of food and good things getting done.

So the biggest and greatest news I’ve got is this ... I’M GOING TO THE TEMPLE ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!   Let me explain.  The whole ward is renting buses and going to the Temple visitor center which is awesome cuz all our investigators are going to go too, and it’s gonna be a party. But on top of that, I GOT PERMISSION TO GO AND DO BAPTISMS FOR THE DEAD WITH MY CONVERTS  REBECCA,  FERNANDA  AND SILVIA!!!!!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYY!   I am soooo happy!  This is the greatest early Christmas present I could ask for!  Love it! 

Anywho, that’s my week.   Work is good, the ward is good, my health is improving ... life is good. Hope FOCO (Fort Collins) is doing good, too.  Enjoy the cold while you have it--I’m sweating sooo bad right now.

President & Sister Mecham are bakers, by profession.  So, missionaries always get muffins!
Missionaries put up Christmas lights for a ward activity.

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