Monday, November 9, 2015

Farewell Ajusco!

November 9, 2015

My district . . . until tomorrow morning!
Note:  Gonna have to say sorry ... this computer won’t download pictures.  Don’t know why, the USB inlet must not be working.  Sorrrryyyyyyyyy

Hey guys, 

Wow.  Emotions are high.  Why is leaving an area so exciting but so sad at the same time?  To leave the hills and cows and sheep and grass ... my time here feels so short.  How can I go?  Really I am excited to see who my next comp will be and my new area and ward—back to the city.   But the more and more I think about it ... I’m gonna miss this Ajuscan place.  I love it here. The people are a little crazy, but hey, I’ve been told I’m a little crazy by a number of people myself--so what’s the difference.  I love Ajusco.  Don’t wanna go, but hey, the Lord’s in charge. I’m just his simple servant.

Ending this cambio (transfer) has been really fun.  The energy in the branch and the respect towards us missionaries has exploded.  We joke so much with the members.  They are now willing to work with us to visit our people.  They want to feed us every day.  It’s just great.  What a transformation I have seen here.  It’s not perfect ... but it’s good and I can work with good. 

My area is being whitewashed (all four missionaries are leaving Ajusco).  We don’t know why.  I don’t know why my son, Elder Miller, isn’t staying but maybe it’s because they are changing us out with sisters--who knows.  So tomorrow morning at 7:00 we make our journey for the last time down the mountains to cambios where we meet our new comps and go to our new areas.

My heart is full, really it is. Charity has played a huge part in my life recently--charity towards my comp, my district, the members, my investigators, my leaders.  It’s funny how it works.  It comes so naturally.  How lucky I am to be a missionary at this time. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. 

We’ve been having fun and working hard.  My comp got a gingerbread house from his parents and doesn’t have room to take it to his new area so we made it and have devoured many, many, many chocolates that his parents also sent him.  We cooked today with the other elders and we’ve sung a lot recently.  We are just doing so good.  My last district meeting tonight will be hard--many tears will be shed, many testimonies borne and a whole lot of manly missionary hugs. I’m going to miss Elder Jarrett and Elder Mayoral and Elder Miller so much.  What great guys!

All is wel l... just a little emotional.  For sure I’ll let you know where I’m at in a week from now with my new comp, and preachin’ the word in a new area. 

I love my mission.

Elder McClure

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