Monday, November 16, 2015

Wow, What a Wowzer Week - Deja Vu

November 16, 2015
Good-bye to a friend in Ajusco!

Hey all,

Wow, what a wowzer it has been.  Changes were the weirdest thing everrrr.  Let me explain:

With both my comp and I leaving we had to put all our luggage in our branch president’s car so he could drive us down the mountain and then we took the bus to where our mission offices are. Weird, but it was ok. Just one more scary ride down the mountain ... and like I’ve said ... these rides are WAY better that Six Flags or Disneyland.  So we get to the offices/chapel and get seated and all and just get ready for the opening song and prayer before Prez talks to us and then we all find out where we are going.  Then as all that happens he reads out, "And in Jardines, Iztapalapa, we have Elder McClure as District leader and his comp will be Elder Miller."  It was like a WHA HUH QUE?!¡?!   I’m going back to where I started my mission and already spent 6 months of my mission??????  But yep, that’s how it is folks.  I thought it was a joke, but it ain’t. 

So I’m STILL with my comp Elder Miller, I’m BACK in my old area, I’m REOPENING an area (which means we came to nothing) and there are SISTERS in my District!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s been quite the stressor.  So we took 2 trips in a taxi getting all our stuff to Iztapalapa and our house was ransacked/trashed so we had fun cleaning all that up.  Iztapalapa is the most dangerous city in our mission, and they put sisters in the test run to see if they’ll be OK there because we are receiving tons of sisters and they don’t have anywhere to put them.  So they are trying it out here in my ward and I’m supposed to look out for them and show them around cuz supposedly I know the area--super crazy. 

It’s been a real stressor, but it’s been fun to see all my old converts! Everyone at church saw me and just started laughing ... cuz I’m back.  So really I don’t know.  It’s just been super, super crazy and I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out.  That's been my week -- crazyyyyyy.  The good news is that I was able to contact 2 old investigadors of mine and they both went to church yesterday!   Soooo, pretty awesome!  I love investigadors at church!

Also, yesterday at church was the Primary program for our ward!  Oh man, just have to throw in here how it made me miss my Primary class soooo much!  It was just about a year ago when I was able to be up on the stand with my class singing them great songs and just feeling like a kid again!  Primary programs are the BEST! 

But yeah, that’s about it.  Jardines again baby.  Here I go!

The Covenant Path (that leads back to God)
The Covenant Path (for all you  English speakers)

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