Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 52 - Time is a Flyin'

Riley's ward at the Temple Visitors' Center.
My Mexican grandma, Delia.

Now it feels like Christmas!
Hey Friends,

Wow, it’s DICIEMBRE!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it!  Time is a flying!

This week was super killer!  Totally got my health back and we worked our bum-bums off and even had 8 lessons in one day.  Then, on Saturday we partied hard by private busing it to the temple with the Ward to see the Visitors' Center and take pics with all the Christmas lights! LOVE IT!

So umm, yeah we taught a ton and got our area up on its feet and then found some new investigadors and found one who is already a member!!!  Let me explain. This guy was baptized, has the priesthood menor (lesser or Aaronic Priesthood), patriarchal blessing, and has done baptisms in the temple and right now he’s technically not a member because some of his information has been lost!!!!!!  So we were asked by bishop to teach him the lessons and baptize him.  It’s pretty awesome.  It is safe to say he’s progressing. He even showed up to church yesterday to bless his month old baby.

The temple was amazing. There were about 2.3 billion people there so we weren’t able to enter and do baptisms, but the Visitors' Center was bomb and the lights just made my whole world light up.  It’s hard to feel the Christmas spirit here in the heat and feel of Mexico, but really at the temple ... it was Christmas and I loved every minute.  Also, like 8 of our investigators came with us to the temple and I got to hang out with Rebeca and Fernanda and a bunch of others, which is so fun to see how much they’ve grown in the gospel.

We got news that our misiĆ³n Christmas party will be on the 18th and we will be playing sports, doing skits, and watching Frozen!  YAY!   If I stay in the area for the next cambio (transfer) then it’ll be the 18th.   If I get transferred next week I might have it on a different day-- all depends.  I’ll let you know.

An elder in our neighboring district went home this past week and so now there are only 3 elders in that district and so now they are part of mine.  Now I have a district of 9-- pretty exciting! My family just keeps on growing!

All is well, all is fun, all is spiritually uplifting and I’m lots less stressed with an area that is making some good progress!

YAY!  Love you all.

Switchin' it up for the pic.
Crazy puppy!

My companion, Elder Miller.
Great times at the Temple Visitors' Center.

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