Monday, November 23, 2015


We went to Xochimico today with our old friends that are still in Ajusco. They have canals there and it's super famous and real pretty.  We bought carnitas for lunch and had a grand old time.
The Monday night STRESSFULLLLLLL district meeting!!  
Hello family and friends!

It is Monday, the 23rd of Noviembre and today is a very special day.  Let me explain:
So, if all goes well and I don’t get super sick or get diabetes or break my face or some other bone ... I will be returning home from my mission 1 YEAR from today—exactly one year, baby.  Crazzzzy.  That is not to say that I have been one year in the mission already, because I haven’t (he went out on Dec 10) -- but one year from today is my release date.  Let’s all hope I don’t go home any sooner than one year because I really don’t want any of those bad things, especially breaking my face. 

Ok, this week has been a week!   Lots of hard work and lots of walking and wow this Iztapalapa sun is a killer!  We worked hard finding 3 new investigators and had 2 that attended church--not bad!   There’s always room for improvement, but hey, I’m happy.   The craziest thing that happened last week was our district meeting last Monday night.   I was already nervous as it was having the meeting with my new district (6 of us in total, 4 elders and 2 sisters).   Sisters scare me and this is the first time I’ve had to work with sisters in the mission.  So I was stressed.   After preparing a good lesson I felt a little more confident but still, real nervous!  We arrived at the church and outside waiting for us were our 2 sisters standing and chatting with the zone leaders.  They also share our building so I was like huh, that’s nice. After a quick chat with them it came to my attention that they planned to also be in my district meeting! AHH, STRESS!!   Then a district leader and his comp from a neighboring area showed up saying their whole district was sick and so they were crashing my meeting!   AHH STRESS!!   So now there are 10 of us all in this district meeting.   AHH STRESS!   But then just as we all get seated and are about to start the meeting, President and Sister Mecham walk in.   AHHHHH STRESS!!!!!!   Sooo, long story short, my first district meeting in Jardines and I had half the zone and all my leaders all sittin’ there watching me like a hawk.   AHHH STRESS!   Thank goodness I planned a good meeting!   Wow, what a stressor.   Anywho, it was rough, but I’m glad it’s over with.   Now I can breathe.

All is well.  I’m much less stressed.  My district is cool and we have a ton of plans and activities planned this week including a zone conference on Thanksgiving!   What a blessing!   I’m just so thankful!   I’m so grateful for all the emails I got this week from people I haven’t heard from in almost a year and for my family that is just so awesome in supporting me while I work my bum-bum off in the heat of Mexico.  I’m so thankful for the chance to be back here in Jardines, and help rescue a few people that have drifted away in the past 5 months.   This truly is the work of the Lord and with that in mind, nothing is impossible.

Thank you all for the support.   You are in my prayers.   Keep rocking.

My old district.
My new district.

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