Monday, August 3, 2015

Oh, Thank the Heavens!

August 3, 2015

Well this week has been a real sweet week and I have so many stories and cool things to share and, oh man, it was a super good week. 

We finally have started finding new investigators!  We have 4 new investigators and 2 with fecha bautismales! (baptismal dates!)  So super sweet!  We worked super, super hard and with that had some success! (FINALLY)   Oh, thank the heavens.   Also we found lots of cool walls and cliff things to jump off this week and so I took a lot of pics and videos and almost broke my leg today and really it was all super awesome!

This week I’ve been praying really, really hard for a family of 6 that we can teach and baptize.  Also this week we contacted 2 families of 6.   Bam--prayer answered like that!  I’m not sure what’s going to actually happen with these families, but what a blessing it has been for me to see this response and heavenly help sent our way.   One of these families owns a ranch that is HUGE and I’m really looking forward to teaching them.  They seem super awesome and have ponies so what more could I ask for?   We will be teaching them this Sunday and maybe even eating with them ... please, please, please!!!!

I didn’t know snakes were a thing here in Mexico but ... yeah they are.   We came across 2 this week and one was a rattler, so we got some cool photos and went on our way.

Today we had the opportunity to climb a volcano and relax inside the bowl.  It was sooo cool.  By that time in the hike my camera died, but my fellow missionaries have some cool panorama photos of us that they will send me next week of us inside the volcano.  Also we found an abandoned house at the top and it was super sketchy and didn’t have any stairs so we climbed around and took pictures and had a real great time.

The work is finally picking up.  We are having fun WHILE working and I’m learning a lot, lot, lot ... not with the language, but just with other missionary things-- like how to live Mexican style and how to eat super fatty foods and still have energy to work and how to use my whiteness to contact (we’ve contacted like 20 people this week just because I’m white).   It’s awesome. 

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