Monday, August 31, 2015

"I Love to See the Temple!"

 August 31, 2015
Happy day at the Mexico City Temple Open House with his district.
The Ajusco Branch headed to the Mexico City Temple Open House.
Well this week was a pretty special week!

I love to see the Temple,
I went there on Thursday,
I felt the Holy Spirit,
and I love, love, love DF!  (Distrito Federal)
(it rhymes if you say it Spanishly)

The Temple was everything I expected it to be and more!  We are talking tears flowing from my eyeballs just about the whole time!  We went as a branch in a bus and oh how wonderful it was! The DF Temple is AMAZING and I just want to go back!!!  (We might go again this Saturday.)  Oh man.  I love how the tour starts in the baptistry and then goes up, up, up (on escalators) all the way to the Celestial Room!  Oh how beautiful.  I’ve waited 9 months to enter into the Lord’s house.  9 months and I truly can’t describe the joy I have felt!

Besides going to the temple we had a quite normal week without many lessons.  We are thinking of maybe starting over in our area and just starting from scratch because nothing else seems to be working.   President told us to focus on contacting families (there’s tons of families in the streets right now because it’s almost Independence Day here;  and so everyone’s out partying) and so that is what we are going to do!  We work, work, work and boy oh boy we walk, walk, walk and I am just quite well doing it!

Sunday morning I got a splendid text from my mission president asking what time our church services were.   Earlier in the week I had invited them to come check out Ajusco ... and so that’s what they did!  We had President and Sister Mecham with us all 3 hours.  I taught the gospel principles class with Elder Galindo and they (President and Sister Mecham) were there listening to us ... and it was the best Sunday I think I’ve had here!  Then we didn’t have anyone to feed us lunch so Prez took all 4 of us back to his house (2 hour drive down the mountain) and we ate AMERICAN FOOD!!!!!   I ACUTALLY HAD A GREEN SALAD!!!   IT’S BEEN 9 MONTHS!!!!!   Oh joyful day!   I actually told everyone at the table that I felt beautiful ... really American food is all it takes.  We had a wonderful visit and Prez taught us many, many things.  I feel so lucky for this chance I had to be with him in his home and be taught by him!  Wow, it was incredible!  After a day at the temple and then a day with the President, I have felt so at home and what a blessing that has been for me in a time when the work is slow and depressing at times.
All in all it was realllll fun and I’m learning a ton (still) and this week we are ready to get a whole bunch of new families to teach! 

Oh how I love being a missionary!

With Pres & Sister Mecham on Sunday in front of the "House of Prayer", the little branch where they meet for services.
The little chapel, "House of Prayer", where the Ajusco Branch meets on Sundays.
A flash flood . . .
Elder McClure: "The flash flood was real cool!"  

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