Monday, August 24, 2015

Chillin' Like a Villain!!

We are in nursrey chairs ... I personally picked them!  Its was awesome!
My new companion, Elder Miller from Dallas, TX, fresh from the CCM!!
Tortas . . . yum!!!!
August 24, 2015

Hey, Hey Hey,

Elder McClure has a new comp, and who do you think he is?

Elder Miller is his name and he’s my kid!

Elder Miller from Dallas, Texas is my kid!  (Kid = terminology for when one is training a brand new missionary.)  We’ve been chillin’ like villains this past week and totally working hard as we do it!  He’s super cool!  It’s so fun training!  He’s fresh from the CCM and knows as much Spanish as I did when I had 4 months in the mish, so really he’s doing good!  We’ve had fun talking in English (and a little of Spanish) and man it’s been great!  We are working hard and we don’t have much to do here, but we are contacting and beggin’ the members for references and doing just about all we can do!

The most exciting news for this week is that THIS THURSDAY I’M GOING TO THE TEMPLE WITH THE BRANCH!!!!!!   WOOOOOOO,  I’M  SO,  SO,  SO  PUMPED!   We are talking the best field trip any missionary could ask for--especially Elder McClure.  So pretty much my smile is even bigger and my adrenalin is pumping and it’s only Monday!!  Wow ... it’s only Monday, rats.

Hmmm, but anywho, this week I tried elotes for the first time ...  I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it, but its corn of the cob with butter and Mexican spice and it’s super yummy!!!! 

Right now there is a marching band going past our internet cafe and it’s so loud I can’t think!!!!!!
Ok, they are gone. 

Anywho, we are working hard to establish a house of order that is nice and clean so we can feel the Spirit better!  No one came to Church this week, which was real sad.  We had 4 promise us they were coming ... so yeah, lots of disappointments, but I’m still loving it!  For lunch today we made our own tortas ... a Mexican sandwich ... and it was super bad for our bodies, but yum, yum, yum I do like them.  There are only like 3 sisters in the branch who can give us food and they are overwhelmed feeding us missionaries, so we talked to Prez Mecham and we are getting extra money each month so we can eat here.   It’s real sad, the situation; but at the least we are receiving help from the mission! 

Well, I’m doing just great and I’m going to the temple, so really I’m very happy and my son hasn’t rebelled against me yet, so really all is well.    

Elder McClure, Over and Out

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