Monday, September 7, 2015

Wow! That Went Quick!

Nothing like an evening snack of moli. 

My new district!!
September 7, 2015

Well I must say this week went by real darn quick!  That’s the thing I love about the mission! Each day can feel like eternity and then before you know it, it’s another week and you’re all like “wow” that went quick!

It pains me to say that not much is happening with the actual mission work, as in investigators and baptisms and all that.   Really we have just about none of that, but we are helping some menos activos (less active members) and stuff like that and it’s still rewarding in its own way.  I love giving service--it makes for a good morning or a good day!  And what makes an even better day is going to the temple for the second time!  Man I just can’t get enough of it!  On Tuesday my comp had to go to immigration and so I hung out in the mission offices for about 6 or 7 hours and did a puzzle of the Nauvoo Temple. I was told by the office elders that no one had ever finished it before and so I made it a goal to be the first!  With about 6 hours of hard work I came SUPER close to finishing ... but still didn’t actually do it.  It kinda bummed me out, but hey it’s like the same as all my other goals.  I think I need to get better with the whole goals thing.  Maybe I should start thinking more realistically ... who knows.  But yeah, so that was a ton of fun!  Then we worked hard trying to find people to teach and then on Saturday we took off for the temple!  It was the last day of the open house and so we just had a blast!  I saw Elder Marsh, my old district leader there and that was a wonderful reunion.  He’s one of my heroes on the mission.  And really as I struggle trying to think up a plan for district meetings (Riley is responsible for training his district each week) and stuff, I always just think "What did Elder Marsh do that I can copy?"  So yeah I’ve had some pretty stellar district meetings that weren’t even my own creation!  I love that kid! 

We had special changes this week as Elder Bravo had to go home for knee surgery.  It was hard to see him go, but guess who we got?!?! ELDER JARRETT!!!!  He’s the same generation as my first son and was with me in Iztapalapa!   I love the kid and it’s so great to have him here!  What a great addition to our little Ajusco gang. 

Really it’s been a good week.  I can’t complain.  Things are slow, but hey at least I’m not to the point that the other elders here are at ... they are contacting cows, goats, and dogs.  I’m still on humans, so really we are doing good! 

Loves all around!

Elder Miller & Elder McClure enjoying the Temple Open House a second time.

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  1. love reading your posts. We had an exciting day last week when they put Moroni on top of the new temple. We can see it from our front door, so I just kept looking out every 20 minutes to see when it was going to happen. It was a pretty cool thing to see.- up close. Got some great photos.
    And hey, if you are working with less active members and can get them back to church- don't ever discount that as less important missionary work. If not for a coupe of wonderful sister missionaries, my older sister may not have ever returned to church, so I thank the Lord for those missionaries who taught her the lessons again, even though she had been a seminary teacher, and a gospel doctrine teacher, and yet she still quit going because of who knows what. There is something very special about being taught by young missionaries who have the spirit with them, and who share their testimonies so sweetly and purely. None of us (friends and family) could get through to her, but those 2 sister missionaries were such a blessing- I will forever be grateful to them, and so will my sister! And she told those two sisters that if they were ever counting up the people they had brought to the gospel, or how many they had converted, they sure better count her as one of them. So, please, keep up the good work with the inactives- they need you, and will forever be grateful for bringing them back to the fold.
    Stay strong and work hard, and have perfect obedience, and miracles will happen.
    lots of love, sister jolene ward