Monday, June 29, 2015

Super Tranquilo in Mexico

Notice the faces on the sides of the buildings.
June 29, 2015

Hey guys!

It’s been... another week!!!   Wow they fly by! 

This lovely week has been a bit of a boring one to tell the truth.  Nothing super awesome happened ... sickness came among our district and 3/4 were sick this week, on and off--the other 2 with stomach and me with a cold.  But it didn’t slow down the work much.  

Hmm, what else?   I didn’t get chased this week, didn’t step in too much dog poop, and really it’s super tranquilo here in DF.

La Hermana Carolina wasn’t baptized so that’s a bummer, but in a few weeks I think that’ll take place!  We are also teaching a guy named Domingo.   I think I’ve mentioned him before, and he’s sooo cool.   He’s like my bro and we are teaching him and waiting patiently for him to receive an answer from the Spirit.  He comes to Church every Sunday and man I love the dude.  He also asks for a priesthood blessing after every lesson; so just with him I’ve had a TON of practice with the whole blessing thing.

We have new investigators, an older couple, and they are absolutely delightful!  The husband wasn’t all too interested at first, but yeah now they are both soaking up what we have to teach! 

It’s the last week of this cambio (transfer) and also my president took off today!  [His mission president is just finishing his 3-year mission and going home.]  So sad!  The new prez gets in tomorrow.  We are sending lots of prayers his way!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be transferred to another area so that’ll be the news for next Monday ... I should know by then, if I’m leaving!

Our mission is number 1 in referrals or something like that.   My prez sent us all an email with a lot of !!! because he’s so proud of us.   Our mission is also one of the strictest, if not THE strictest, in all the world and really I love it!  We have so many rules, but it just makes us stay on track better.

I’ve enjoyed being a trainer, but man I’m worrrrrnnn out-- kinda grateful it’s the last week. Elder McClure needs a Mexican companion so he can learn him some Spanish!

I’m healthy-ish and happy and workin’ hard!   Gonna go enjoy some Mexican pizza in a sec and really ... life is GOOD! 

Oh, something else that’s cool, Fernanda who just got baptized ... yeah she’s a famous singer here in DF (Distrito Federal)!   Totally just found that out!  I can totally say I baptized a famous person now!!  WOOO!!

Lovin’ it,

Elder McClure

Over and Out
Tomas’ shack is just past these buildings.  You can see all the shacks in the distance.   All is getting destroyed and they have no say in the matter even though it’s their homes.

Hermano Tomas--he lives is this little shack and it’s also his work, a shoe store.   He just got word that he and his whole area have to evacuate in like 2 days cuz they are coming in and bulldozing the place.  It’s sooo sad.   He’s a counselor of the ward mission leader and helps us a ton with everything.

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