Monday, June 22, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho from Mexico!!

Christmas in June!!
Hermana Fernanda with her Mother and Sister
June 22, 2015

This week’s been a good one! 

We be doin’ a whole lot of walking, but hey my gut could use that so really I’m quite content! With the new rule of not visiting women without a man present, our numbers have dropped from 30 some to 20 some or even 10 some per week and with this new change it’s very hard, because it just means we walk a ton, but really it’s all good!

Hermana Fernanda was baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday!   She’s number 3 out of that family and all we have left is their dad to teach ... but he’s not interested so that might be hard.   Who knows.   It was a wonderful service with almost warm water in the font and she bent her knees and sat down in the water just like I taught her and man it was so quick and easy.  I just love ordinances that go smoothly!  Afterward she bore her testimony and started crying and so, of course, I’m sitting in the audience crying my little eyes out, too.   She told the story of how her family is more united now and her little sis believes in God now and it’s all because God heard her prayers; and soon after the missionaries showed up.  It’s been a true pleasure to spend the past 6 months teaching her and her family.   Having 3 separate baptismal services is just fine with me!   Oh how blessed we are here in this area.

Fun story... last night we were walking home in the dark and a drunk teen came after me with a broom... lucky for him I didn’t have my umbrella on me and pull out some light saber moves on him that I’ve been practicing. 

We have a new family to teach and I really honestly don’t remember their names, but I do remember that they have a pet bunny and yeah that’s pretty much all I got to say.  I’m in heaven--Seriously the best surprise all week.   I held that thing for forever and it was so hard to concentrate on the lesson!  I’ll try to get a picture of it this week.

Carolina is set to be baptized this Sunday.   She’s a young mom with the cutest baby ever and she’s been a golden investigator.   She’s been ready for baptism since day one so really we have just been trying to get the lessons done with her so she can be baptized.

I already mentioned the new rule about visiting women in houses and so really some days we only have 2 lessons...which means we spend about 7 hours straight walking...just so you have an idea.

All is well.   My comp and I took Christmas card photos to send to you all as we are ready to celebrate half-Christmas on Thursday and my half-birthday on Friday.

I, Elder McClure, am loving it all sooooo much I can’t complain about a thing. DF(Distrito Federal - Mexico City) South is where I belong and man I love this work.

Elder McClure

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