Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Things I Love!!

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June 8, 2015

Hi Folks,

I’m doing just swell here in Mexico!  I’m very happy and content and working my booty off, just how it should be!  We had a great week of health and success and just about everything that a mish (missionary) could ask for.  The work has slowed down a little bit in this area, but not a big deal, just means we walk a couple more miles each day.  As I reflect on my past week I think of three things that I, Elder McClure, love so very much:

1.   I love when investigadores come to church!  Hello--that is a missionary’s dream!  We are talking like the best feeling ever when they start rolling in the chapel door 15 minutes late, like yes, if they could get there on time that would be great too, but hey, I’m sure darn happy that they came!  That’s all that matters!   Yesterday we had 6 investigators and 3 inactives at church and man what success that was!  It felt so good-- sooo good; and man if there’s a gift I could ask for as a missionary it would be the gift of attendance.

2.   Fast and Testimony meetings have always been a fav for me, but here in Mexico and in this ward that fav of mine has grown quite a bit.  The bishopric member that’s conducting starts the meeting, bares his testimony, invites the congregation to also bare testimony, and then half the ward makes a mad dash for the pulpit!  Like we are talking people throwing elbows and little people getting run over and, holy cow, there’s hardly anyone in the audience to hear the testimonies because they are all on the stand waiting impatiently for their turn!  It’s truly wonderful to watch and see the great faith these members have.  They are so eager to share and that is something every missionary dreams for--especially when there are 6 investigators listening in the audience! 

3.   I love when your recent convert that you baptized goes with you to teach an investigator and bares testimony of this gospel and the change they have seen in their own life.   We are talking Spirit-slap to the face!   You who know me know that I’m a crier when I get Spirit-back-handed and man it’s so hard to hold back those tears as you watch and witness a beautiful testimony being shared.

Well, yeah those are three things that have hit me hard this week.  The work is real.  It’s fun, and it never gets old! 

I’m doing good and growing like crazy.

Elder McClure

Oh, and don’t worry--no one is hurt during the mad dash to the pulpit!

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