Monday, July 18, 2016

Yup! I'm in a New Area!!!!

Leaving Elder Carillo.
Saying good-bye.
More good-byes.
Hello!!!  No time, no time, no time!!!  I have absolutely no time!  Lots to do.  Well, we had changes and . . .  I’m out of Estacion.  That was a quick stop.  But I’m very excited to be where I’m at.  My new area is Churubusco--Ward Churubusco and Stake Churubusco.  It’s pretty cool here.  It’s real close to Iztapalapa and Meyehualco, just on the other side of the hill.  But yeah, it’s pretty cool.  We just got back from cambios and my new comp is Elder Stout!  He’s a friend from way back when!  So, I’m sooo excited to be with him in this new area.  This is also one of the best wards in the mission supposedly and the ward is supposedly fantastic!  Elder Stout goes home in one month.  He goes home 2 weeks early so he can start school and so I have a lot of pressure to learn the area in this month.  We also will be having lots going on in the zone, like zone conferences and training and stuff, so really we are never going to have time for anything.  Elder Davis, who trained me and was just barely my district leader is now assistant (to the president) for this change before he goes home.  WooHoo!  That’s fun too.  Lots of pressure right now.  I’m nervous but excited.

All is well.  I promise to write more next week. 
Loves, Elder McClure

Mimi, my grandma.

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