Monday, July 11, 2016

Time'z a Flyin'!!!!

Another week has come and gone.  Time’z a flyin'!!!!  Things are going really well here in Estacion.  This week was very successful—44 lessons and 9 new investigators.  Gotta love it! 

Also this week was a solid week concerning lessons guided by the Spirit.  That’s what my comp and I really worked on and we really participated in some amazing lessons. 

One of my most favorite investigators of all time is Sister Patricia Urbano.  Her son is actually on a mission, but her husband, daughter and she aren’t members.  My old comp actually found them by a contact in the street.  This week has been a turning point for her and her family.  We stopped by many times this week and she actually fed us on Friday.  She’s very giving and always happy even though she’s so busy with work and her family that she only sleeps 2 hours every day.  After one of the lessons we had, we all said a prayer asking for the Spirit to testify to us of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith.  After that prayer she got up off her knees, looked me in the eye and said, "Now I know the church is true."  After that we had another incredible lesson andddddd she was going to go to church yesterday, but totally got stomach sick and couldn’t go.  But that’s ok.  That’s just Satan working on her.  She knows it’s true and she’ll be there next week.  The other amazing thing about Sister Urbano is that she shares what we are teaching her with EVERYONE!   Thanks to her we are teaching like 8 of her neighbors and many of them look very promising and perhaps golden investigators, too.  I love members (or investigators) that help us FIND people to teach.  They are true disciples of Jesus Christ.

We taught tons this week, felt good, and used every moment doing something to help someone else.

It was a great week.  All be well.

Loves to all,
Elder McClure

Patricia Urbano and her older daughter. 
This is Mexico.

Water . . . the Mexican way.

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