Monday, July 25, 2016

Coming on Tuesdays from Now On!

Elder Stout (Riley's new companion) and Elder Jarrett, who wrote the brief comment below..
Hello Parents of Elder McClure!

Hey, I'm Elder Jarrett.  I'm just writing because your son is my new Zone Leader!  Your son is an Amazing missionary and I really look up to him a lot.  He's practically been with me throughout my whole mission, in Jardines de Iztapalapa, in Ajusco, and now in Churubusco!   I'm so happy to be able to be with him again!  :D  Anyway, he just asked me to tell you that he will be writing on Tuesdays now that he is a Zone Leader.  He didn't want you guys to have to worry if you didn't get an email from him on Monday.  That's all!  Thanks!  Have a great weekend!

Elder Jarrett

Elder McClure's new companion, Elder Stout.

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