Monday, May 30, 2016

I Love My Hat!!

Perisur Mall with Elder Perez, a fellow missionary.
People say I look like Indiana Jones with my hat!
Well, I’ve sat here for a good long while now trying to think of something to share for the blog and you guys (the family).  I have no clue--nothing fun or good has happened that I can think of that’s worth mentioning.  It was just a week of hardly no work and lots of me sitting in a chair next to the door with my bag on my lap waiting for my comp to get ready so we could leave the house and preach the word.  But really that’s about all that happened.  Oh, and we went to the offices so my comp could get his passport and then pull money out of the bank.  Pres was there and saw me with my hat.  He just laughed at me for a few seconds.  I guess to him I looked pretty funny with a hat on.  Ha.  I’m doing good--just anxious to get preaching the word like I was made to do.  Sorry for not having anything to report on this week!  Let’s pray that this week is better!

Love you fam!

This kid is only 11 years old!!

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