Monday, May 9, 2016

A Big Weekend - Mother's Day Skype

Elder McClure, Santi (Santiago) who Riley thinks should marry Kacie, and Elder Crawford, going home tomorrow.
Loving our Skype time with Elder McClure
Three brothers - Brennan is with us by phone. Riley was TOTALLY surprised that Shawn was with us for the Skype call.
Talking to the Fam yesterday was incredibly wonderful!  The only sad part was that it was my last call home before I end my mission.  Time flies.

This last week was my last week with Elder Crawford.  He’s the man!  We really had a great time together and worked good together.  We finished off our time together with Megan’s baptism.  It was a sweet experience!  She’s a 15-year-old who we found while visiting a family that’s already members of the church.  She’s very shy and it was obvious it was hard for her to talk to us at first but in that first lesson with her I asked if she believed in God.  She said she wasn’t sure and so I invited her to pray about it in a very specific way and to tell me how it went the next time we visited her.  Well the next time I was at her house the first thing I did was ask her if she had done her homework.  She said yes.  I asked if she received an answer and she said yes.  She had a wonderful spiritual moment while praying to our Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit testified to her that she really had a Father in Heaven who loves her and is watching over her.  After that experience she listened to us more intently.  She always did her homework that we gave her and she progressed very quickly towards baptism.  What a wonderful experience. 

So, now Elder Crawford is in the mission offices waiting for his parents to arrive in Mexico in just a couple of hours.  I had special changes today at 1pm and am now in a new stake with a new comp who is also about to go home.  He goes home at the end of this change and his name is Elder Iglesias and he’s from Honduras.  So life is real different now.  I’ve left the paradise of Hidalgo and I’m back in the Iztapalapa area.  I’m back in the Hood.  All is well.  I’m just a little sad from having to say goodbye to everyone in my old ward.  They were wonderful and so helpful and so full of faith.  I left many, many good, good friends and I’m already anxious to know when I will be able to see them again.  My comp here has told me that there’s a lot of work here to do.  We should be having many baptisms and that the members here are also great helpers in the work of the Lord.

All is well.  Happy Mother’s Day to all y’all mothers but especially to my mother who has taught me since my early years to be a Servant of the Lord. 

Elder McClure 

Saying good-bye to the Fam Palafox
More good-byes
Megan's baptism this past weekend.

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