Monday, May 23, 2016

I Just Feel Good - Real Good!

Second time to the Mexico City Temple!!
This is a twin-sized macho banana.  
Hey Y’all,

All be well herez in Mexicow.

So, first things first.  Supposedly our mission got permisión to wear hats to block out the sun ... and so today … I bought me an old man hat and I look good!  I should have pics of it sent your way by next week.  But I’m wearing it right now as I type and I just feel good--real good.  I look like Dad when he’s out doing yard work.  Ha.

This week was a good one especially because I got to go to the temple for a second time.  Like was awesome!  We also had a stellar zone conference with Pres and we had a water balloon fight and I got me a little wet and I was wearing my suit.  But it’s all good--nothings damaged.  We as a mission are really trying to better the way we teach the day of rest.  That’s what the focus was at the zone conference and really it’s our biggest struggle … getting people to go to church.  Out of a ward of 700-900 members we only have like 90 that attend, which is rough.  We also had stake conference this week and all they talked about was missionary work (something I’m already doing) and getting married—ahhhh … scary stuff, scary stuff.  I’m just glad I still have lots of time left on the mish.  Haha.

Things are going slow in the área.  We just need to get over a little hump in the road, that’s all. But all is well.  We have changes in 2 weeks!  Time’s a flying!

Love you all

Zone Conference

My room.

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