Monday, April 4, 2016

I'm a Happy Boy!!

Saying goodbye to Elder Gomez!
She kept me company through the sessions of General Conference!
Hey guys!

Let me tell ya, I’m a HAPPY BOY even though some rough stuff happened this week like throwing up ALLLLL night. Let me explain.

Tuesday I got a call from the APs (assistants to the president) and I was informed that my companion was going to be Special changed out of my area and that I would be receiving someone else.  This made me nervous.  I don’t like surprises like new comps out of the blue.  Well, that’s what I thought … until I found out who my new comp was!  His name is Elder Crawford and he’s my buddy ol’ boy!  He was the neighboring district leader and we have become good friends over the past month or so.  Long story short, he goes home in just about a month and I believe I will be with him till he goes home.  It was like a dream come true ... the only thing that could have made it better is if I had been made junior comp and he be the District Leader.  But it’s ok, I’m just happy!  

SO, with a new comp, we started working our little bum-bums off and after a sweet zone conference with President, we decided to set a high goal for baptisms that we will have together before he goes home on May 10.  With a high righteous goal in mind, we have continued working and at the moment we have 6 people with a set baptismal date!  WOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Let’s just hope it keeps getting better!  So yeah, we are pretty excited!  We work really good together and have the Spirit with us and with that we have seen awesome things this week!  Papa Palafox passed his interview and will be baptized this Saturday at 5pm. YAY! 

Oh, so the fun part, my good old ZL Elder Condie from ID came with us and we stayed as a trio for all of General Conference so he could watch it with us in English!  We had a good ol’ time and he slept on our huge beanbag that we have at the house.  CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!  The bad part is that the night before I got super sick and threw up alllllll night long with other little surprises thrown in there every couple hours.  I almost died.  But back to conference, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!  I love them talks we heard!  Being a missionary during conference is so different and so much better!  As you hear the talks all you do is think about your investigators and each thing that is said is an answer you know they are needing!  All you do is hope that they are taking good notes and understanding the message the same way you are. Oh yeah, and they all took real good notes!  We had 6 investigators at the conference and I saw many pages of notes in all their hands as they left after the session!  I love General Conference!
There’s so much to say but really, just like always, time keeps me from going into the juicy details.  But it was good--love it.

I’m excited for this week.  We are just gonna keep being awesome.

All is well. All is well.

Zone meeting with new companion, Elder Crawford.

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