Monday, April 18, 2016

All Be Super-Duper Wellzers!

Entire Mission Conference to hear Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy.

Hello World!

Wazz Up?

All be super-duper wellzers here in my little world of Hidalgo.  We had a great week of work and, of course, the best part was our mission conference with Elder Clayton and Elder Valenzuela of the Seventy.  We’ve been dropping all our investigators that aren’t progressing and that’s been the hardest thing ever, but it’s what’s needed in order to find people who are really ready to accept the gospel. 

Big News!!!!  My comp is going home soon so we have permission to go do a session in the Mexico City temple!!!!! We are planning to go Wednesday!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, yayayayayayaayayayaya!!!

The mission conference was amazing!  It was my first time to be with the whole mission at one time!  I saw all my friends and old comps and hugged so many elders and I loved it!  I learned a lot of stuff, but really the thing I want to share is that if we start something good, we should finish good.  For me, that can be my mission.  I started really good with faith and lots of prayers of faith and I really worked my tail off to learn the language and be a good missionary.  Now that I’m in my final months, it’s my time to continue good and then finish good without falling or lacking, just stay good.  I love this concept and we are right now trying to apply it in each and every lesson we teach.  Start it good and end it good so the Spirit can do His part.  I love my leaders and the things they have to teach me so I can be a better me and a better instrument in the hands of the Lord.

I also had my every-3-month interview with Prez.  He talked about a vision.  I need a vision and my investigators need a vision.  My job is to get that vision of who we can become by applying the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  I love it!  Goals are a big part of that and I’m still not too good with goals and all, so I’m gonna start working harder on that.

We sang at a baptism this Saturday and it was fun!  I’m hoping a friend will post the video on FB so you all can see it.

One more week of the change (transfer period)!  We gonna finish it good!

Love you all,

Shoe shine for $1.

My new friend!!

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