Monday, April 25, 2016

I Love the Temple!!

Elder McClure and Elder Crawford

I love to see the temple… but going inside is better!  WOW!  Talk about AWESOME!  Temple sessions in Spanish are really, really cool.  We got to go to the temple on Wednesday last week and rocked it with our Assistants who went with us.   It’s been pretty much a year and a half without being able to go to the temple and oh how I have missed it!  I do admit that I had forgotten much, but I don’t blame myself too much because it was a year and a half of stinking waiting and I’ve learned a new language since the last time I went!  So....  haha, it was amazing.  While waiting for the temple session to start we were waiting and reading the scriptures.  I turned to a random page and just started reading.  I believe it was D&C 76:21 but it’s when the brethren are bearing testimony that Christ lives.  It hit me so hard.  The Spirit slapped me in the face, but in the best way ever.  It was a great reminder and really boosted my spirit.  Through that temple experience my testimony grew of the Savior as His love embraced me.  I love the temple.

This week we set the goal to teach 40 lessons which is the mission norm, but is always really hard to reach.  We wanted it.   Even with almost a whole day spent at the temple, we worked our bum-bums off and got it!  Sunday night we finished at 8:57pm with 40 lessons and 3 minutes to run and make it to the house!  We did it!  What a blessing!  It seems that the whole mission is really struggling right now, at the very least my zone and my district.  We are really being attacked and disappointment really follows us around just about where ever we go.  Teaching 40 lessons and going to the temple was just what I needed in order to be able to stay positive and be able to lead the district along these bumpy paths. 

Other fun events from the week were rescuing our former bishop’s dog that escaped and being given an awesome leather love seat for the house!  I haven’t had a couch my entire mission ... and let me say, I’ve sure missed couches. 

All is well.  Times are hard, but we just keep going.  The key to success is simply to just keep working.  We are healthy and happy and doing amazing things.  

And one time more might I say, “I love the temple!”


Elder McClure

Our free couch!

Sisters from the other district who share our chapel.

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