Monday, September 21, 2015

"THAT is Obedience!"

September 21, 2015

Kinda need new shoes!

Mexico's Independence Day

Zone Conference.  This is when we started to feel sick.

3-day stay in the hospital from food poisoning.  

Hey Y’all,

This week I have been filled with thanks as I have seen many blessings added into my life.
This week was awesome!  It started with Mexican Independence Day and I ate a bunch of tamales and had a sweet zone conference and went to the hospital!   Anywho, I’ll start with the zone conference!  It was fantastic and the assistants informed us of new rules in the mission.  We can only listen to MoTab now and we can only go to the temple at one time at the very end of our mission!  So that kinda ruins my temple excitement, but hey I’m cool with it-- rules are rules.   And then Prez taught us much about how we make the decisions in our mission and in our life.  I think he paralleled with the talk “The 4th Missionary” and it was fantastic.  He talked about obedience, too;  and then asked all who went to the Mexico City Temple Cultural Celebration to raise their hands.  My comp and I didn’t, of course, and were the only ones in the room who hadn’t gone.  Then President Mecham asked me why I didn’t go and I responded that I didn’t have investigators to take and so I couldn’t go cuz that’s the rule.  He then started tearing up and said “THAT is obedience.”   He then told me and my comp that he was SURE we were going to baptize because of this obedience and also promised us he’d find a DVD of the production and we would watch it with him in his house.   Soooo pretty much that made my life and I am very happy that I had done what was supposed to be done and wow, I love Prez.  

Later that beautiful Independence night my comp started throwing up and the other 2 in my district started doing the same.   A quick phone call with Sister Mecham let me know we needed to go to the hospital.  It was late at night and lots of parties going on and so we had a super fun taxi ride down the mountain getting to experience the real Mexican Independence Day!   It was awesome!   Anywho, us 4 ate Mexican pizza on Monday and that’s what made them sick.  I don’t know why I didn’t get sick, but wow I sure was blessed!   3 days in the hospital was pretty great as there is a restaurant there and us missionaries can eat real well.   So yeah, I was lovin’ chocolate milkshakes and club sandwiches while my district ate dried toast and terrible soup.  WOW I was blessed!   

The rest of the week went pretty normal.   We taught and tried finding new people because we just lost like everyone (investigators) we had, but it was a great week and I’m super content.   As a zone we are trying to find at least 4 new investigators in every area every week ... 4 newbies every week.

So that’s our goal and we are gonna  BAPTIZE! 

My week was awesome and I’m sure happy to be here at this time.  

My new planner.  Reminder of home!

Making tamales.
View of Mexico City.  We can see the Temple.  We have some of the best views in the world!+

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