Monday, September 28, 2015

Buenos Dias!

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A restaurant called La Mantana and it's close to our house and really cheap!
September 28, 2015

Howdy Y’all, 

This week has just been wonderful!   We worked and taught and finished up our cambio with a high number week and we are excited to get back at it with this new cambio

I had the chance to work in my area this week with my Zone Leader, Elder Peterson from Alpine, Utah and he’s a super stud!   He taught me a ton and helped with a few situations that we had here with some people.   What I love most about him is he doesn’t  act like a stuck-up ZL.   He’s humble and just wants to work and feel the Spirit and wow just his humility makes me want to learn from him even more.   Sad to say we just got word that he’s getting transferred  tomorrow-- so good bye awesome ZL Elder Peterson.

The next day I got to work with Elder Galindo in his area on interchanges and help him with the work he is doing there.   He’s a stud and one of my best friends on the mission.   He is also getting transferred tomorrow so I will be welcoming someone new in my District tomorrow and I’m excited for that.  I heard a rumor that President is giving us one of the BEST so that we can get the work going here in Ajusco.   I love that rumor! 

Ajusco Pride is a big thing going on right now.  A few days last week and all of this week has been super crazy with parties and parades and fireworks and fun!   I even found a stand that sells drug rugs!!!!   I’ve been wanting a drug rug for years!!!!   They cost about $6.... should I do it!   I’ll think about it.  I also have to buy new shoes because mine are destroyed!!!    But yeah, I think we have to be in early every night this week because of all the drunk dudes roaming the streets.   I love Ajusco! 
Awesome story ... we have a menos activo (less-active member) that we’ve been teaching and she and her 2 teenage daughters are members, but her husband isn’t -- BUT he pays tithing and lives all the commandments!  Soooooo, anywho, their daughter went missing for 2 days and they had search parties trying to find her and all and by a miracle they found her!   Well right after that, he came to Church and bore his testimony about the truthfulness of this Church and we are teaching him tomorrow! This could be the baptism I’ve been working for!!!!!!!! And in the process the family could be super reactivated and I might just be able to go to a sealing in the Temple in a little over a year from now!   OH BOY!  I’m happy.

This week we also started English classes and it’s looking like it’ll be really fruitful.   I hope, hope, hope!

But, yeah, I’m doing GRRRREAT and just pluggin’ along.   Christmas is right around the corner!

Teaching English.
Taken from my roof.  (Mexico City)

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