Monday, September 14, 2015

The Awesomeness of the Mexico City Temple Re-dedication!

 September 14, 2015
Making tortillas!!
A fun preparation day!
We hiked and explored a pyramid!!
This week has been Grrrreat!  We are talking 15 lessons for the week!  That is a record in my time here in Ajusco!  Wow, look at us go!  I feel very blessed to have had 15 in our area!  Little by little baby.  This week was filled with lessons, great views, and spiritual experiences which make it just about the best week you can ask for!

Some of the awesomeness that took place this week is the Temple Re-dedication of the DF (Mexico City) Temple, a priesthood blessing that I was able to give and a funeral that I attended.  First off is the re-dedication.  Wow!   President Eyring and Elder Holland were the ones to show up and they were amazing. (Just like always.)   President Eyring couldn’t help but beam the entire meeting and it was so much fun to watch!  He just couldn’t get that huge smile off his face!  Anywho, it was so fun to hear them speak in English and then hear the Spanish talks and understand all that was said!  And yes, the Hosanna Shout was pretty sweet too!  The thing that stuck out the most was in the dedicatory prayer how President Eyring blessed this land to where we would progress as a nation in missionary work.  That is like music to my missionary ears!  Wow!

Also on Saturday we went to visit a sister whose parents are really old-- like old, old--like 97 years old.  Her mom was sick and asleep in bed and asked that I give her a blessing.  I willingly agreed and gave her a very simple blessing.  Long story short, she passed away about 18 hours later.  With the things I was directed to tell her in the blessing I gave, I know she slipped away very peacefully and is now having a grand old time in the next world.  So yesterday we went to give support to her daughter who called us to tell us the news and we let the branch members know.  By 6:00 in the evening the whole branch was there and we held the funeral right there in the house, as we all gathered around the bed where the body laid.  It was a very sweet moment and it was so wonderful to see us as a branch in unity.  After a beautiful service we all headed outside to the lawn and that’s where the fun began!  As the van pulled in and the dudes got ready to take the body away all the extended family got in a huge fight and there was like 20 on 20 just beating each other’s faces in.  I don’t know what sparked it, but probably just a lot of emotion and maybe someone was a little offensive.   As a branch, we just stood off a distance and watched a brawl for a good 10 minutes--fists, crutches, and words were flying and it was so sad to see after such a wonderful service, but quite interesting to watch none-the-less.  I feel blessed for these experiences I have had and how I am learning little by little what I like, what I don’t like, what I want, who I hope to become, what I hope my family is like, and what my family isn’t like. 

Today we went to a “sick” pyramid in our area that has caves in it and so we hiked it and explored and just had a grand ol’ time.  I felt like a Lamanite while I was on top!

Love ,
Elder McClure

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  1. keep it up! you are one awesome missionary!
    Sister Jolene WArd