Monday, May 4, 2015

Super Wowzers Excited!

Elder Marsh, Elder McClure, Fernanda, Sylvia, Rebecca, Elder Jarrett & Elder Walker
May 4, 2015

I really wanna say something really cool or funny or just plain awesome to start off my letter home, but nothing’s coming to mind ... all I can think is that I’m Skyping home in 5 days!!!! Wooooo and hearing about my Big Boy Matt’s Mission call has got me super wowzers excited! Oh man.  [Matt Hanks was called to serve a mission in Singapore, leaving in July.]

Well, we had us a baptism this past weekend!  Hermana Silvia was baptized in just about the coldest water I’ve ever felt!  We got in and, oh man . . . it was cold!  And as I pulled her up out of the water she was like "AHHH, FRIO, FRIO, FRIO" really loud and it was hilarious!  Afterword she was talking about it and, oh man, she makes me laugh. She reminds me a little of you, Mom ... she’s just so funny and she has many mannerisms like you. It’s great.   I love visiting her!  Then on Sunday, she showed up way, way, way late to Sacrament Meeting and I was so worried she wasn’t going to show!   I’d have to baptize her again, later on in that cold, cold water!

Fernanda (Silvia’s daughter and Rebecca’s sister) is up next for us to baptize!  She’s up in 2 or 3 weeks and we are so excited to have baptized almost a whole family!  They’ve all changed so much in good ways and we love teaching them.  They help us with the language and we help them with the gospel! 

Also, Pedro and Sacnite just found new work and we are SOOOO EXCITED!!!   They can finally go to church now and progress a little more and be baptized in just a bit! 

We have MANY new investigators and we are teaching a whole family!!!! (the best)   They own a taco shop!   WOOO, FREE  TACOS!  hahah   They gave us free tacos last Saturday night .... like ... Fast Sunday night ... that was the hardest thing to accept as we were fasting.   But all is well, we gave it to Pedro and Sacnite as a gift and they really liked it, I think!

All is well.   We are plugging along and learning a lot!   Healthy ... happy ... and teaching like crazy!
Elder McClure, Over and Out

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