Monday, April 27, 2015

The Best and the Worst!!

Sylvia (Rebecca's mom) who will be baptized and her dog who is reading the Book of Mormon.
April 27, 2015

Mother’s Day is almost here!!!!!   Wooohooooooo
No, I’m not counting down the days....   .....
As a missionary I must not lie.....
I’m totally counting down the days.

But I’m still focused real good on the obra (work) -- real good.   We are working so hard and having a ton of lessons and we are going to be having a baptism for Hermana Silvia (Rebecca’s mom) this week, and oh man we are just doing great!   As the pops (leader) I still have a lot of pressure with teaching and leading and finding house (which is nearly impossible here) and all that jazz.   On top of that is teaching Elder Walker all that he needs to know.   Really the hardest part is still the language, but it’s coming along ... slowly!   We had a bunch of success this week and yesterday (Sunday) in the evening we had 2 crazy, crazy lessons!  The first was one of the most spiritual lessons I’d ever had!   All 4 of us in the room were crying as we taught this man how to pray.   He was just crying and pouring out his heart and it was just incredible!   Oh, how powerful -- definitely one of those lessons where you walk out and just want to yell with all your might "BEHOLD THE POWER OF GOD"!
But then after that we went to the absolute worst lesson I’ve ever had.   It was a situation where each person didn’t want to be there and it was so awkward and we couldn’t leave, but oh how we wanted to and I couldn’t understand anything (because there was no Spirit there) and oh how horrible.   Last night I crashed, I was so, so wiped out.

I introduced a food called tortas to my comp.   They are like sandwiches, but really, really, really bad for you sandwiches and ya ... my comp is hooked.   He loves them so much and I’m afraid we might be eating them quite often this cambio (transfer).  This week I tried grasshopper for the first time -- quite delicious really!  Yum--a nice little crunch and everything!   I’m just happy they weren’t alive!
We had almost 10 first-lesson lessons this week which was good because we have new investigators, but super stressful too, because that first lessons means everything--whether you make it or break it!   I’m hoping we don’t have any more of those for a while!

Still plugging along healthy!  All is well, all is well.  I think Elder Walker and I are going to sing a duet at the baptism ... we´ll see how it goes!

I’m giving a talk in 2 weeks, a 20 min talk in Spanish.  Yup. I know the “in Spanish" part is a given but oh man, it’s still daunting.   Wish me luck. 

Elder McClure, Over and Out

Grasshopper . . . quite delicious, really!  

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