Monday, May 18, 2015

Ba, Ba Baptism!!

BAPTSIMS!  What, what, what ... what a wonderful day!

Por Fin!  (At last!)

Another week come and gone!  Time’s flying by so fast!  I’m almost half way done being a dad (senior companion) and I just can’t believe it!   We’ve had a ton of success this week with a ton of powerful lessons and yesterday (Sunday), the baptism of Pedro and Sacnite!  Oh man, we are just doing so swell. I’m loving it so, so much!

This week we “got destroyed with rain” as my comp likes to say it!  It rained every day and it was very refreshing!  I love the rain!  In reality it just smears all the trash and grossness around, but I like to think of it as like, hey this place isn’t as dirty as it used to be!  We have 3 or 4 investigators progressing really well right now and lessons that are wow so good.   Sooooo good that we got tears fallin’ and all!  Also, we started teaching a family of a mom, dad and 3 daughters and they own a taqueria, and so after we teach them they give us free tacos and wowwie, wow, wow I sure do love tacos! 

Pedro and Sacnite were baptized on Sunday and it was so cool to baptize a family!!!  They don’t have kids yet, but man, still a family.  I baptized Sacnite and my comp baptized Pedro!  It was so great to have both of us be able to baptize!  We had a ton of support from the ward and the service was one of the best I’ve ever seen!  And the water was a solid lukewarm, so I can’t even complain!  These past few weeks I’ve learned a lot about keeping the end in mind.  That’s hard to do, not something I like to do really, but with this situation at hand I absolutely love it!  The thought that I can go to the Temple sealing of Pédro and Sacnite in a year from today makes me just about the happiest person in the whole wide world!  Also this week I’ve been studying in the Book of Alma a lot and just like how it talks in Alma 29 verse 10, I can see so much more of the blessings in my own life and I watch people like Pedro and Sacnite make these covenants con (with) God!   It’s truly spectacular and I really am so, so blessed.  The mission’s the best.

Also this week we bought a house plant to help liven up the place!  I figure the Spirit will be more present if we have more life in that small little casa of ours!

This morning we got up super early and hiked a hill that overlooks the city!  It’s huge – not the hill – the city!  We were able to see the sunrise and it was so beautiful!  For the first time in 4 months I was able to walk on actual dirt, with trees around me and life and not cement ... I am one happy boy!   In order to get to the hill we took a bus for a long time and then we fit 7 people in a tiny taxi.   With this I was on Elder Marsh’s lap in the front seat and there’s a lot of speed bumps here and man that was one of the worst car rides of my life!  But hey, we totally saved on $! 

We don’t have any baptisms planned for this week, but Hermana Fernanda should be coming up in about 3 Saturdays from now!  Super stoked for the work!  I love seeing the change that comes from this glorious gospel!

Elder McClure

Service to other missionaries!

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