Monday, April 13, 2015

Holy Cow! I'm a Trainer Now!

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People we are teaching.
April 13, 2015

Wow another week has come and gone!    Time just flies--I can’t believe it!  This week has been a week of wrapping up things and goodbyes! 

As of yesterday I finished my training and now I am a beautiful, normal missionary who doesn’t need any special help because I should know everything!   I’m very happy my training is over though, because really you’re just kinda treated like a dummy for those first 12 weeks.   I have completely enjoyed these past 12 weeks with my comp, Elder Davis, and we have had a ton of success together!   Why?   Because we have been exactly obedient and because we have worked our booties off every second of these 12 weeks.   I have no regrets.

I had my evaluation this week and my comp and I were selected to practice with the PRESIDENT!   I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my whole life!  I was so scared I have no clue what I said or how it went, but afterward President commented on my Spanish and how good it was and then after we walked away my comp was like, "Holy cow, Elder Mcclure!  We killed it!"  So what a surprise that was for me!  I thought it probably had gone quite horribly, but then again what do I know ... I was not completely all there through it.

Also a bit ago I got bit by a dog ... not bad enough to bleed, but it sure made me a bit angry and for a sec I didn’t think "what would Jesus do" and almost booted that thing out of Mexico.  It was a little mid-sized black dog and it seemed so harmless until at the last second it turned and snapped ... kinda like Satan right?  So since then I’ve been threatening every dog that gets close to me and my leg is ready to boot at any moment!

Fast Sundays are by far the hardest days here on the mission ... It’s one thing to fast, but when its 95 degrees and you’re walking miles and miles and miles ... it gets to the point of dangerous.  Thankfully we are blessed and I feel so much closer to the Lord when I fast.   Fasting is so necessary.   I don’t know what I’d do without it.   I desperately need those blessing that come from fasting.

We got word that my comp is headed for a different area tomorrow and that’s kinda sad to see him leave but we’ve had a killer time together and I’m excited to do the same with my next comp -- whoever he is.

Elder Riley McClure
Mexico City South Mission

Out of training and ready to work!

Lots of good times with Elder Davis.

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