Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Testimony Has Exploded!

At the Mexico City Temple Visitor Center

April 7, 2015

Well the sun is getting hotter and I am getting ... more dead!   We are talking HOT!

This week has been a good one!   As it is my 11th week in the field, I was the senior comp for the week and had to lead every lesson and every planning session.   I have to admit it was not my most favorite thing in the world, but it was a good experience and was very necessary because next week there’s a good chance I’ll be the senior comp in this area!   The whole experience was very difficult and very demanding!   I was forced to use more Spanish and had to really do my very best to understand what the investigators were saying so I could respond.   All in all, I’m glad I did it and this week is my last week in training!!!   WooooHooooo!

Up north (U.S.) we celebrate Easter for one day.   Here ... it’s a week of parties and crazy drunk people and water fights and every investigator being on vacation, so you have no one to visit.   Really it was a crazy week!   Especially when our neighbors threw a party that started at 7pm and ended at 8am.   Our house was shaking from the subs and me falling asleep that night was a miracle!   When I woke at 6:30 the next morning  the house was still shaking.   Crazy Mexicans!

The highlight this week, of course, was General Conference!   Holy cow was it just me or did all of a sudden General Conference get amazing!   I couldn’t soak it in fast enough.   It was truly so amazing!   One thing I think I’ve really learned on the mission is how to listen because here if I don’t put 150% into trying to understand these fast-talking Mexicans, I  don’t understand ... and so that has really boosted my listening skills and man oh man I loved General Conference.   One of the main things I think I learned was that it’s pretty much a commandment to get married as fast as I can after the mission.   Haha   No, but  really... Kinda crazy!   I loved every talk so much, but of course I must admit that my favorite was probably Elder Holland!   I couldn’t hold back the tears for that one!

In between the sessions on Saturday my district went to an all-you-can-eat taco buffet (see pics) and let me tell you I’ve never been so happy!    WOW!   I’m sorry, America, but really Taco Bell just doesn’t cut it anymore!

The teaching was slow this week, but I’ve improved a ton and my testimony has exploded!   I can’t believe how fast time flies and how powerful the Spirit is!   I’m going strong and my comp and I are gonna rock this last week together! 

All is well in Mexico!

Elder McClure

My Missionary Friends





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