Monday, March 30, 2015

Chicken Foot

Chicken Foot, Anyone?
March 30, 2015

Hello from Mexico!

This week has been ... another week!  But a good one, so no complaints coming from me!

First thing that comes to my mind is the interview I had with President in his SUPER FRESCA (SWEET) house!  Like we are talking fresca.  It’s just one of those perks I guess for being mission president, but oh my it was like I was in heaven!  The interview went great!  I presented 3 goals I had and he really liked them and told me I’m on track, so that was really encouraging and I walked out really happy and pumped.  I’m really grateful I was able to have that this week!

This week I had the opportunity to try chicken foot.   The lady asked me if I wanted it and all I heard her say was chicken so I was like, heck yeah I’ll have some chicken!  After I said heck yes (but in Spanish of course) my comp looked at me and said "dude, you just ordered chicken foot".   As you can imagine it was ... nasty!  Like we are talking sticky and no meat just skin and bone and the nails were clipped, but not very good, and oh man I had to really work hard to not throw up!  Man I can’t wait till I know Spanish better so I don’t get myself into situations like that!

We have been blessed with really great weather!  It rains almost every day in the afternoon which cools things down and gets rid of lots of the dust!  The only bad part is when you forget your umbrella and then get drenched, but even that’s better than the big yellow Mexican sun!

This week has been a little slow with lessons.  One day we only had 3 lessons!  It was the worst I’ve ever had!  But the past few weeks have been so good that we were bound for a bummer week sooner or later!

We thought we were done with hot water problems and then our gas ran out, so we got to enjoy cold showers ... again!  That got changed today, so life is good!  We finally bought fruit!  It’s so cheap!   We got like 14 huge oranges for 70 cents!  And mangos are soooooooooooo good!  I have one every morning!  (Even if it does bring on diarrhea.)

 Everything’s going well!  I’ve got 2 more weeks with my comp Elder Davis and then chances are he’s gonna go bye-bye!   I hope I get a Mexican comp next so I’m really forced to learn the language!   But really I’m going to enjoy these next two weeks.  Having an American comp is great--I can crack jokes and he totally gets them!  I’m super, super, super stoked for General Conference this week! [General Conference is the Church semi-annual conference and can be viewed on live on April 4 & 5, 10 AM and 2 PM Mountain Time.]  We are going to watch it in English with like 20 other missionaries and eat pizza and junk and man I’m pumped ... can’t wait!

All is well.   Hope FoCo (Fort Collins) is rockin’ with spring just right around the corner!   (kinda jealous!)

Elder MexClure

Yea for Fresh Fruit!

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