Monday, March 2, 2015

My Spanish Has Quadrupled

"This is Angel, son of our ward mission leader. I love that kid a lot!"
Her name is Delia!  She makes those things!  They are tortilla holders and she said she’s going to make me one!  She’s like my li’l grandma here and I love her to death!

March 2, 2015
Soooooo cambios (transfers) are today and tomorrow .... but I’m not going anywhere!!!!

neither is my comp or anyone else in my district!   I feel very blessed to be able to stay here and continue the work with those who I’ve come so close to!

Since it is cambios (transfers) I’ve had some time to think and ponder and reflect on my first 6 weeks in the field and to be completely honest I am incredibly impressed by how much I truly have grown in such a short time!  Even though it’s hard to see, my Spanish has quadrupled and my knowledge of the gospel and my faith has done the same!  I know this has only happened through the help of the Lord and I am truly grateful for that!  How blessed I have been!  I have also felt all the prayers that have been sent in my behalf throughout these weeks.  Thank you for all who have blessed me in this way!

This week has been great!  We had 28 incredibly spiritual lessons and we have many investigators progressing.  I’ve been spending a half hour every night reading Our Heritage and Our Search for Happiness.  I’ve been truly enlightened and I love learning about Joseph Smith and his influence in bringing this gospel back to the earth!  I love cooking and have been baking and cooking every chance I get!  It’s a way I get my stress out and I just love being able to make something delicious in hardly no time at all!  My comp and I get along great and we are helping each other grow and learn.  The last half of this week I have been on fire with the language and I’m loving it!  It’s still hard and still a pain in the neck, but with divine help I am understanding people a little easier and talking a little more!  I’m truly blessed!

This week I had carnitas for the first time ... it’s basically pig parts fried in pig lard and then wrapped in a tortilla ... it was delicious!!!!  I loved it ... but after I got super sick and had stomach pains and got to know the bathroom really well ... but it’s all good!  I’m better now and back on track ... Mom and Dad please don’t worry ... it was part of the experience and totally worth it!

Here in Mexico we are DYING from the heat, but what else is new--not like I even need to mention it anymore!  We see some gross things on the street and smell some gross things, too; but the tacos and the gospel make it all worth it!  Again, thank you for your prayers in my behalf and please keep them coming!!  I need all the help I can get!!!

No baptisms this week or next ... people here just can’t seem to make it to church ... but that’s ok ... it’s just part of the process.  We had stake conference this week and I loved it!  It was a wonderful 2-hour nap!!! JUST KIDDING!  Our mission prez attended and spoke and all us missionaries had to stand up and quote Our Missionary Purpose!  It was great!  I’m starting to feel the Spirit more and more and I love it so much!

ALL is well!  Stay strong America!


Elder McClure

Cake from a wonderful lady who owns a café and gives us food.  Ooooh man, I love it!!

A recent convert gives us haircuts.

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