Monday, February 23, 2015

Did Someone Say "Baptism"?


February 23, 2015

Hey, hey, hey, we had a baptism!!   What a wonderful experience it was!   Might I say a few words about this incredible hermana who, in just 7ish weeks, has gained the most incredible testimony of this gospel and also of her Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ!  She’s incredible!  She has instantly fit in with the people of this ward and is probably one of the happiest people I have ever met! Her mother wasn’t quite ready to join her in baptism this week, but my comp and I are confident that in just a few weeks she will follow her daughter’s example and go into the waters of baptism and make the first of many covenants with her Father in Heaven!  The baptismal service was incredible in just about every way.  I convinced my comp to sing a duet with me for the service and he, Elder Davis that is, baptized Hermana Rebecca in some freezing cold water!  We were blessed with a full room of members, of the room joining us, for this very, very special occasion!  The best part of the service for me though was hearing Hermana Rebecca bare her testimony at the very end.   Even though I don’t know half of what she said, the Spirit was so strong and it was clear that she has an extremely firm testimony!  I am so grateful for this experience that I was able to participate in!

As with me, I’m doing well!  I apologize if I seemed a little grumpy last week when I wrote ... if I did seem that way … it’s because I was.  The past Monday was not the most ideal Preparation day, but still good non-the-less, and I should have been more positive about the whole thing! 

This week I have experienced, many times, the gift of tongues as I speak the Spanish language!  That’s not to say I was fluent in the moments, but I truly was able to speak with confidence and use words I have never used before while testifying of my Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel!  I have felt so extremely blessed to have this blessing from the Lord because I am in dire need of His help--especially at this time in my mission!

This week I have also had the opportunity to try some new foods!  One of which is called chicharron, or however you might spell it.  Basically what it is is pig skin that you wrap in a tortilla, to put it simply ... it didn’t go down very easily!  When the hermana asked if I wanted seconds ... I politely said no.   I truly love most the food here, but there’s just some things that you wonder how on earth it ever became a dish.

I was almost killed 2 different times with two different dogs.   Both were small and black and it took all I had to run as fast as I could away from them while screaming!  I also was bit by a hamster this week ... never thought I’d have to worry about that one in Mexcio!

So, supposedly there are scorpions here ... yep.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about that except pray a lot, but supposedly they like to hide between your bed sheets and get ya while you’re trying to sleep.  I’m totally freaked.   Haven’t seen one in real life yet, but I’m really not looking forward to that moment.

We have 2 investigators named Pedro & Sacnite.  I think I’ve mentioned them before. They are truly the coolest couple in the whole wide world!  They have already gained testimonies of this gospel and yesterday we got to take them around the church and give them a tour!  It was probably one of the most spiritual times that I have had so far!  It was incredible!  Anyways, I’m totally in love with them and I can’t wait to see them progress even more over the next few weeks!  We don’t have a baptism scheduled for this week, but I believe we do for the next.  So I’ll of course keep you updated.

I’m still healthy as can be!  I’ve truly been blessed!  Every now and then my stomach has a hard time with the beans, but besides that I’m doing good! 

Random Mexican fact of the week:
When it’s cold out the cold goes straight to your bones and never leaves.  After many, many years of cold there’s so much cold built up in your bones that it starts to hurt and that’s why old people hurt so much ... it’s all because of the cold.

I’m doing well and loving the work!  This is truly the work of God!  I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

Stay strong!


Elder McClure


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