Monday, March 9, 2015

"We Are On Fire!"

They love to bake!

March 9, 2015

Hello Hello from the great down under..  pues .. more like just south of the border!  (not Austrailia!) 

I think the most correct way to describe this week is … WE ARE ON FIRE!! in just about every way possible!  We have taught a TON of lessons, rocked the language, unified a lot more as a companionship, especially in our teaching, and it’s like a million degrees here so yeah!  On Fire! 

We have a baptism set for this week!   We didn’t think we would because this investigator has been smoking 2 packs a day for 22 years and we really didn’t think he had the will to stop ... or put his faith and trust in God and even really try to stop.   But one day this week he surprised us with telling us he’d been good for 3 days and he’s had crazy tremors and eaten a TON of suckers to try to distract himself, but he’s done it!  He’s still good and set to be baptized for this Saturday at 5:00pm!  He might get cavities ... but that’s ok ... I’d rather he get cavities and obey the commandments than keep smokin’.   My testimony has grown immensely while watching him progress though!   Once he involved his Heavenly Father through praying and reading the scriptures he found the motive to quit smoking!   Truly incredible!   So we are extremely excited for him and hope he will stay good good good forever and ever.  We also have another bautismo set for this next week.   I’ll talk more about that next Monday!

This week we had my "evaluation" and it was ... cool.   Really there was a major traffic jam and we arrived 45 mins late and Prez was very upset with us and then the assistant chastened us for not speaking more Spanish while in our casa, like right before bed, but it’s all good.   I sure learned a lot from it and it was a good experience.   We learned that next time we need to leave at 3am just so we can arrive to that certain chapel on time, with time to spare, haha. 

Every week I experience major disappointment on Sunday when hardly any of our investigators show up.   Like this week we had 9 promise to come ... and yet only 3 did.   It’s extremely frustrating and it’s helped me see how important it is to keep commitments.   It’s hard at times for everyone, especially me, but I’m really trying to be better at it because I HATE it when people don’t keep their commitments to us and to the Lord.

I realize it’s totally spring break time back home and that makes me a little sad.  The one true bummer with the mission is we don’t ever get breaks.   But it’s all good.   It’s only 2 years.

The Spanish is coming.   I just need to be patient!   Some days are better than others which is expected, but I can see myself slowly getting better, so it’s really encouraging!   Soon I’m going to be straight-up Mexican and have an accent! 

I’m doing good!   Staying healthy!   Trying to stay safe!   Loving the work and really every day just flies by!   I can’t believe it!   The work is incredible and people here are just so humble that teaching is a blast!   We have seen miracles and been a part of miracles!   I love being an instrument in the hands of the Lord.   This is where I belong and this is where I can make a difference one hot day at a time.   Time is out and I gotta log out.   Peace ‘merica.


Elder MexClure

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  1. Hello, Elder! I ran across your blog on Facebook. Our oldest grandson, Robert, is serving in Mexico too! He is in the Monterrey West mission... been there since October. He emails the family and friends every week and it's so good to hear from him. It seems he's not only growing in his testimony, but learning to eat salsa with just about everything. :) Take care. I will be praying for you and your companion.

    p.s. It is not at all unusual for people to promise to come to Church and then not show up. They say "yes" because it's so hard to hurt your feelings. Just easier to say yes, and then not come... go figure. My husband and I are converts of 43 years. We found the Church when we visited Salt Lake Temple Square on our honeymoon!