Friday, October 28, 2016

"It's Just So Much Fun to Be A Missionary!"

Happy Birthday to the Best Mission Mom Ever!

Oh, what fun it is to ride in … President’s van!  Hahahaha

I’ve had lots of time with President lately and I just LOVE it!

I’m having a really hard time remembering what has happened this week.  Partly because it didn’t even feel like a week--more like a day!  All I know is that it sure is the fall season here in Mexico!  I’m just loving it--cool crisp breeze, amazing sunsets, leaves falling, and big puffy clouds in the sky.  We’ve had a lot of fun.  I don’t know why it was so fun.  I’ve felt like I’ve had a lot of fun.  Last Saturday we had a ward activity and no one showed up, just us 4 missionaries.  So then the sisters went and found 4 kids and brought them so we could play.  It was a pretty lame activity, but we had fun … and ate a ton of sandwiches afterword.

Sundays are hard.  The church services just make me think about home and we never have appointments after the services and so we always walk a lot.  But we found ways to work and have fun. The best was being invited to eat with a very well-off sister in the ward and we ate sooo good.  I sure love food.

Monday we reported with all the zone leaders and then had a huge council with President and it was really amazing.  I love these opportunities to serve and observe and learn from other leaders.  We talk about our worries in the mission and how we can improve and fix things.  The biggest blessing has been having President Mecham here all week so that we aren’t in charge! 

Wednesday we got to celebrate Sister Mecham’s birthday with waffles and a piñata and then some sister missionaries took her out to eat.  Later after helping President take some sisters to their houses in his van, we went to his house and the sisters had made us homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, yes. We hadn’t eaten all day and it was just what we needed.  I love me them cookies!  Other than that we have been cleaning a lot--the offices and the yellow house.  My comp found a giant rat bathing in the toilet bowl in the downstairs bathroom in the yellow house.  So yeah, we have some work to do.  

Office work is fun, too.  I get to go with the secretaries to Immigration which is way outside the mission, and to government buildings, and fill out paperwork.  Mostly I’m just the tag-a-long, but I like traveling and seeing these places.  Yesterday we were up at 3:30 to take an elder to the airport.  President bought us Krispy Cream donuts, which was amazing, and then we talked about women on the car ride home.  I like the advice he gave us.  He sure is an inspired man.

Next week we start zone conferences and that’ll last 2 weeks.  Then my last week here, it’ll be change meeting week and we will also go to the temple and I’ll have my last interview with President … so really, my last weeks are already planned.  Lots of training to do and lots of learning as well.  I’m just so happy. Even though we don’t teach much … it’s just so much fun to be a missionary!  There’s so much joy … even in the little things!

All is well.  Thanks for your love.

Elder McClure

"I love President and Sister Mecham!"
A clean office . . .

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