Saturday, November 5, 2016

"I Wish I Had More Time"

NOTICE:  Elder McClure will report his mission in sacrament meeting of the Timblerline Ward on Sunday, November 27, at  9:00 AM.  600 East Swallow Road, Fort Collins, CO.  Our home phone is:  970-225-6946

What a beautiful time of year!  We have had such a fun and amazing time this past week having meetings with President and big councils with mission leaders, reunions with stake presidents and Area Seventies and 3 of our 7 zone conferences!  We have been busy and busy is just how I like it! 
Last Saturday was the meeting with President Mecham.  We did it in his home and the goal was to get a better idea of what should be taught in the zone conferences.  Sister Mecham made us homemade banana cream pie and, oh boy, I sure love banana cream pie! 

Sunday was special too.  We had to get up early and President picked us up at our house.  We went to the Ermita Stake and there we participated in a meeting with all the stake presidents in our mission (there’s 7 of them), Elder Castiñeda of the 70 and President Pino of the area presidency.  President Pino used to be part of the Temple Department and so he knew all about the Fort Collins Temple being dedicated.  Our meeting was set so we could learn how to use Facebook and other social webs to help in missionary work.  Mostly it was just fun to participate from the back and watch these incredible leaders as they do their thang.

Monday we had a large consejo (council) with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders.  We did practices and talked about needs.  My comp and I made a test about Preach My Gospel that everyone had to take.  Half the mission has taken it now and not one person has pulled off an A.  Ha.  We are pretty good test writers I guess.

Tuesday was a big and rough day for just about all of us.  One of our missionaries just took off while his companion was in the shower.  We got the call and went to go help his alone comp, but as we were on our way there President called us telling us he needed us with him in his house.  So we ran back and got to his house where we waited for phone calls from Elders who had been sent to check all the bus stations to see if they could find him. After a few hours we decided to take a break and go shopping with Sister Mecham while President stayed by the phones.  We hit up City Market and Michaels so she could get Christmas supplies and really it was just so fun to get out and do some shopping with my mission mom.  When we got back to the house President took us to the airport where we went looking for the lost elder, but there we didn’t have luck either.  We still don’t know where he is.  We are sooo worried with it now being 4 days since he took off.  We are very hopeful to find him soon.  At the very least he sent a Facebook message to his family telling them not to worry.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we have been in zone conferences teaching missionaries about health and food and exercise.  We dance a Chicken Fat routine and it’s so fun, haha.  President has focused much of his teachings on living the temporal gospel, which I absolutely love learning about.  Sometimes I feel like we get so spiritual and totally forget about the temporal things.  He’s taught about tithe-paying and work and saving money.  He teaches by stories and life experiences and let me say he’s got a large variety to pick from.  We also helped Sister Mecham make chicken salad sandwiches for lunch.  It’s pretty fun.  But yeah, this week’s been a week, let me tell you.  I can’t explain how much I’ve learned just from these conferences and it makes me sad that I don’t have much time to apply what I’ve learned in my missionary life.  I wish I had more time.  I wish I was just starting, but that’s just how it goes, I suppose.  I’m doing great.  No complaints from me.  We are just still worried about this elder.  I hope he comes home soon.  We are all praying for him, as a mission.  I’m just so happy I can be a part of it all.  I love helping, even when its mostly from a distance.

Love from Mexico from an elder not wanting to go,

Elder McClure

Breakfast at the President's Home
Dead People Bread for Halloween
Krispy Kream

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