Sunday, October 16, 2016

"I Love the Mish" . . . Changes!

Valeria and Fernanda were baptized.
A wonderful day!!

Hello Family!

Oh what a week it has been!   And really I’m not sure where to start.  But now thinking about it, I think I will start with what happened last week because we had a WONDERFUL last week of the change!  The baptismal service of Valeria and Fernanda was absolutely wonderful!  After going through another rough experience trying to get everything ready, people started showing up!  Really from the ward there was only a few that came … like 9.  But more than 40 relatives of the girls showed up and so we had more than 50 people in the service!  What a wonderful time it was!  I’m hoping the pictures I send will help show what I’m saying, but it was absolutely wonderful.

I also got to go to the temple last week!  My companion was invited to go to an endowment of a friend and I was obviously invited because I’m his comp.  Sister Mecham also went because she knows the gal well and was her escort.  So yea, I got to go to the temple on the 7th of October and there in the chapel waiting area I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time in Spanish.  It was a very, very, very sweet experience and I might have cried … might.  While in the changing room of the temple I ran into a bunch of elders from the MTC and I asked if they knew an Elder Thurgood.  One told me he knew him and they were zone leaders together and that he had been in the earlier session.  Sadly, I never saw him, but we were in the temple at the same time.  It would have been wonderful to have gotten to see him!

Well, Saturday night I got a phone call I wasn’t at all expecting.  My idea was to finish my mission in Churubusco with Elder Herrera as zone leaders and baptizing everyone we met.  But, my idea wasn’t at all the Lord’s idea.  So I was informed that I had changes on Monday and that started the process of packing and saying goodbye to all my friends that I had made in the ward.  I love the Churubusco Ward.  I can easily say it’s the best ward I’ve had in my mission (although that’s not to say that I don’t love the other wards) and saying goodbye was really, honestly quite hard.  In fact, I didn’t even tell anyone at church it was my last day because I didn’t want the attention and I didn’t really want people saying goodbye to me because that just makes me sad.  And so it was.  Oh, and I might say that that sacrament service was incredible with Gabriel’s, Fernanda’s and Valeria’s confirmations and then testimony meeting--so sweet--the best going away gift I could have asked for!

Monday was a dreaded day-- so sad.  Paco took me to the church where the changes were.  After waiting a few minutes and talking to tons of missionaries, the assistants came out with the changes and my comp was the first to get the list of the changes for our zone.  He looked down, saw my name and took the surprise out of it by yelling where I was going.  Haha.  Now I’m in the ward right next to Churubusco.  It’s called Taxqueña and my new companion is Elder Avila.  He’s from Chiapas and is one of the funniest 24-year-olds I know.  We get along great and have already had much time in the mission getting to know each other.  I’m excited to end my mission in this area with Elder Avila even though I’m a little sad that I had to leave my beloved Churubusco.  But the Lord knows best.  Now I’m learning a few songs on the ukulele and working hard.  I don’t think I’ll be baptizing again on my mission … but who knows …a miracle could happen.  And even if not … I’ve done all that I can.  I feel good about my work and dedication.

I know my preparation days (P-days) have been a little crazy these last few months with special changes and all, but now they should for the most part be solid and normal ... but on Fridays.  Friday is my new p-day and if we are ever too busy to write on Friday then it’ll most likely be Saturday when I write. Anywho, sorry for all the changes.  I’m incredibly happy and working hard, hard, hard.  It feels good to know that people trust me.  I’m healthy too-- happy days.

Loves to all,

Wish I could be at the temple dedication, but just know that my thoughts are there.  :)   I have permission to watch some of the Cultural Celebration tonight (Sat), but it starts at 8:00 my time, So I won’t have much time to watch.   All is well.    Elder McClure

YUM !!
Good-hye to Elder Erickson
Hello Elder Avila
Saying "hi" in Ajusco.  Wooooooooooooooo, I ove Sebas and Lety.

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