Friday, October 21, 2016

"Sacrifice . . . Lots of Patience"

Riley's Computer Monitor in the Office
Elder Jennings is the cousin of Zach and Alex and just barely got to our mission 2 weeks ago. Well, he got sick and ended up in the hospital and it was fun to spend some time with him and catch up on things.  He's JUST like the twins and it's so fun to have that connection.  I've personally been trying to help the new white elders feel good and start their missions strong.  They are a strong generation and have great potential.
Hey guys!

The days are just flying by!  I just want to shout out "STOP".

Things have been good here in the offices of the mission--lots to do and just not enough time!  Somehow each week I realize that plain truth, but somehow I just don’t like accepting it.  This week has been especially special for some reasons I don’t think I’m authorized to mention, so let me just say it’s been pretty crazy and cool and hard and full of emotions and overall … fulfilling.  I miss preaching.  I’ve heard that in other missions the assistants are in-field assistants and so they still carry out a full work load in their area while also being assistants and training and doing lots of interchanges.  Our mission isn’t like that.  We are office assistants and so really our area almost doesn’t exist.  But it’s all good.  The administrative aspect of the mission is absolutely mind blowing.  So much work is done "behind the scenes" in order for the mission to succeed.  I like participating in the “behind the scenes”.  It gives me just a bit more time with President Mecham and helps me see how easily the revelation flows through him.

Computers are not my thing.  I sure struggle with the whole computer business thing, so my companion has been doing lots of that and I just find ways to be a help to others.  I go with the secretaries to buy things and pay rents and pull out money from the bank … stuff like that--really whatever I can do to make their loads light.  In the past the office people have not taken care of ANYTHING, at all!  Everything was a complete disaster when I got here.  So, work it’s been-- lots of cleaning and sorting and trying to make right just about everything!  Elder Carling, the new materials secretary, and I have gone to town cleaning out the offices and closets and sheds and yellow house.  It’s still a work in process, but I plan to have everything in perfect working order when I leave this place.  I’ve got a month to do it.  Also, sometimes if there is something broken in a house that we are renting we have to go fix it.  So this week my companion Elder Avila and I got to fix a broken toilet.  We thought it would be pretty easy-- just change out the bobber floating thingy and everything else in the tank, but oh how we were wrong!  It took us 3 HOURS and a whole lot of getting dirty and breaking things in order to get the job done.  After that experience I realized that plumbers are a whole lot cooler than I thought!   Respect!

President gave me permission to watch the Fort Collins Temple Cultural Celebration online and so Saturday night I plugged in, but only got to see the first half hour before having to go home to get home on time.  How cool!  Then Sunday in church all I could think about was the Dedication and how I wasn’t there!  Aaaughh.   Now after seeing pics and stories I’m even a little bit more jealous, but I’ll be ok.  I’m so excited to go and enter inside the temple and do a session in just a short month from now.  And until then I’m going to go enjoy the Mexico City temple one last time.

Life is so good.  I feel this week I’ve learned a little more about sacrifice.  I’ve had to do things that I really didn’t want to do and these things lasted longer than I preferred.  I’ve learned how to love people that really put all they have into disrespecting you.  I’ve learned that everyone has their own situation with their own trials and really we can’t judge.  All we can and should do is love and help.  Patience is a Christ-like virtue.  I continue learning patience. It never quite seems to end!  haha.

Love from Mexico,

Elder McClure

Fixing the toilet . . .

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